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The significant dangers of out dated diets

The significant dangers of out dated diets is they hammer home low fat, healthy carbs and a ton of other instructions that are just plain wrong.

How many times have we traditionally been told,

  • drink zero cal diet sodas,
  • use a low fat dressing,
  • eat low fat meals (eat high carb),
  • just put vinegar or lemon juice on your salad,
  • don’t eat fried foods.

We have been brain washed into thinking this way, and it couldn’t be further from the truth.

It really took us a while in our journey to understand that good fats, don’t make you fat. (it’s important to note the word “good” here) Bad fats are still not good for you, but make friends with coconut/almond etc oils, and sources of good fat direct from foods like avocado, and you will make a big change to your life.

In fact, one of the significant dangers of out dated diets is that much of the information that is used as weight loss guides points us to low fat high carb meals.  We all know sugar is bad right? but replacing it with sweeteners is a awful alternative, and it’s the sugar in the carbs that are causing even more major issues. Increased inflammation, and decreasing the length of time that a meal satisfies us, coupled with its addictive nature, drives us to eat even more.

Mustard Crusted Salmon
Mustard Crusted Salmon

For Example
I love to eat BIG meals, I grew up on a farm, and have never really lost that love of simple but hearty home farm cooking. Every diet I have ever been on tells you to avoid this, CUT DOWN on that, and all that happens is, sure I lose weight, but as soon as I hit my goals, I go right back to eating what i really love… sound familiar ?

Well what if you could eat stuff you LOVE (sure there has to be some changes, right? but you should still love them)…
What if you could eat portions you are SATISFIED with…
What if you could do all that, and still LOSE WEIGHT without lacking energy…
What if you can still enjoy a BBQ with your family/friends and not worry about fitting into that smart outfit for work/interview/parties?
What if it became YOUR lifestyle?

Neither Margie or I have any desire to change our eating habits, we are fully at peace with our “diet”, so now… it’s our lifestyle! Sounds great, right?

Let me give you an example from something I had the other night… Mustard crusted salmon(picture right)
Sure it’s a has some salad, but it satisfied my eyes and my belly.   Made with salmon, avocado, romaine lettuce, red onion, and a home made vinaigrette. Had we had bacon bits in the refrigerator, I would have added that too…

Macro Breakdown
Macro Nutrient Breakdown

Now here’s the key difference… and I want to share this with you, because if you can make some of these changes, you can really start making a difference to your life… right NOW.
The key is the BREAKOUT of the meal…
Just shows you can have a HUGE meal, that is GREAT for you, with a healthy breakout… just 16% Carbs, a massive 58% Fat and perfect 26% protein…
If you look at the breakout underneath, you can see the right column of figures is our daily goal, and I’m always happy to increase protein at the expense of carbs, as long as we can keep the fat high too.

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Talk to you soon
Mark & Margie

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