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I had already been to 2 doctors offices to figure out what was going on with my body and mind at 47. I can honestly say within a couple of weeks [on the program], I started to feel better and gain some of my energy back.Emotionally I feel under control. After 3 weeks, I am happy to say I was able to get into a pair of pants I haven’t been able to wear for a year.Margie’s frequent check ins with me helped me stay the course and allow me to ask questions on diet or anything else I had concerns with.
Michelle S
Florida, USA
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Wanted to say a big thank you Margie Burton and Mark Burton. Your support is amazing and in just two weeks my mindset is really going the right way. This program is life changing
Anita B
California, USA
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This is without a doubt one of the easiest transitions into a new lifestyle that I have ever undergone.Prior to this program I have tried various diets that didn’t work and made enemies of nutrients that were essential to my overall wellbeing. With the advice of Margie and Mark custom-tailored to my personal situation, I am very proud of losing more than 40lbs in 12 weeks and feeling more energetic than ever!Once a “carboholic”, my transition to my new lifestyle produced none of the dreaded headaches, no lack of satisfaction after meals, and absolutely no cravings. With simple ingredients power packed with essential nutrients and flavor as well as very brief planning, Margie and Mark’s program is an absolute homerun!I look forward to charging ahead to my next milestone!
Mike D
Maryland, USA
I’ve made some fundamental changes and benefitted from the support Mark and Margie have given me each week. Margie’s recipes are superb. Today I am wearing the jeans I put away 2 years ago!I’m losing weight. Consistently. After 5 years in the doldrums. Just saying ☺
Louise F
Warwickshire, UK
diane m
So I started this journey with one thought. I want to be thin and healthy. This isn’t the first time that I have gone down this road, however it will be the last time I do this dance. I already knew what it meant to eat healthy and that it is more than just calories in and out. But what I was missing was the knowing that it is ok to make a bad choice as long as I didn’t let one choice become the norm.Mark and Margie, allow that to happen respectfully by acknowledging the inner child, something that we suppress when we are on the traditional diet. This of course leads to guilty binges and plain just feeling unworthy. That is not the truth; that is what we have let other people into our head tell us. We are the only ones that can put value on our life, not any one else.So in this time of transformation and choice I choose me. I choose to be committed to know what I need to do to make the changes that will last.This time it does feel different it not just any diet, this is not a diet! It is a lifestyle change.I have said that word before however this time the subtly of the changes confirm that they are far reaching. I am learning to eat new foods that taste amazing, I am willing and excited to make new recipes that are good for me from natural foods and I know exactly what it is that makes them up, instead of just believing what is on a package or a box.That is where the words and effort hit the pavement and become the change that will be permanent.I have also started to let the power of the mind be a proponent of change in my life. Visualizing myself in the body that I want and letting the energetic changes assist in the physical changes and knowing that this is how I look instead of wishing I looked like this. There is so much power in that. It drives the mind and body to do what is needed and necessary to achieve such goals. Realizing that there is no magic pill and it takes work and time is very important. Everyday reaffirm what you want and remember that it is patience not perfection that will lead you to your goals.
Diane M
Alberta, Canada
Simple changes had surprising impacts, which led me to lose 5lbs in the 1st week. Education around eating and the relationship to my emotional stresses, along with some great advice on calming essential oils has had a profound affect on my life.Margie and Mark show that everything you want to know,when it comes to one’s health, comes from your hearts. You really, really care and have an enormous passion for this wonderful lifestyle that we all should have.I’m truly blessed.
Kim L
Florida, USA
This course has not changed my life! It has become my life, well my lifestyle; I no longer diet.I never gave any thought to things like the 80/20 rule where 80 is thoughts and 20 is action. I was unsure of making peace with my ‘inner-child’ at first, but then I realized that you could call it your inner-child or whatever you want as long as you make peace with yourself.Mark and Margie helped me help myself. The garbage I used to eat I simply do not want now. Fresh food is so easy to prepare once someone shows you how simple it can be if you plan your menu…I feel almost foolish that I never made time to do this before. Learning how to exercise for only three minutes a day and stay fit was worth the payment alone!
Ian H