Avocados – 5 health benefits of this super food in your diet

Avocados – 5 health benefits of this super food in your diet

Avocado a super food gift from nature

Avocado is a unique super food fruit that is very healthy for you. The avocado is different than most fruits in that it has a much higher nutritional value and is considered a ‘superfood’. It is loaded with essential nutrients that are good for your body.  It has many healthy attributes along with a great taste and makes a great addition to your pantry.

Avocado is a positive Paleo food.  If you are not familiar with the Paleo diet or lifestyle, it is a word to describe the ancient cave man diet.  These early hunters and gatherers ate mostly nuts,  berries, meats and other good whole foods, with none of the farmed grains that are part of many mainstream diets. We really love eating Paleo, as it gives us a simple framework to good healthy clean eating. One of the other major benefits we’ve found with Paleo, is we stay satisfied between meals, reducing the need for snacking, and the temptation for less healthy foods.

avocados super food1-Avocados Are Full of Good Nutrients

Avocados have many vitamins and nutrients. Vitamins B, C, K and E all in significant amounts. There is over twelve percent of potassium per serving in these green bumpy fruits; its why they call them a super food! The fruit is also very low in sugar, which has many health benefits, especially keeping inflammation at bay.  The carbs that exist in avocados are mostly dietary fiber. It also contains smaller amounts of trace minerals like zinc, copper and iron. These fruits taste great and they are nutritious too.

chicken-bacon-avocado-lettuce-wrap - super food2-Avocados Contain “Good Fat”

Over seventy percent of calories in avocados are made up of fat.  They contain some protein and NO trans fats.  The good news is this green super-food contains ALL good fats.  This is great for healthy eating. There is only a half gram of saturated fat in this wonderful fruit.  Eating good healthy fats can actually lower your body’s cholesterol, provides a more stable, slow release energy source.
hass-avocado-super food

3-There are no GMO Avocados

There are no varieties of avocados that have been modified in the lab, so you don’t have to worry about your avocados being GMO (Genetically Modified Organism). It’s tough alligator like shell prevents pesticides from making it’s way into the tasty fruit.  This fact puts Avocados onto the clean 15 list each year.  The clean 15 helps to indicate which produce we need to buy organic (the dirty dozen) and which are ok to buy non organic (the clean 15).

Avocado super fruit helps with pregnancy - super food4-Avocados are a natural source of Folate

One of the most important nutrients for expecting mothers is folic acid or folate. Folate is the natural form of this B vitamin and better than having to take the synthetic form. Folate helps to prevent the baby from having any deformities. The lack of this vitamin can also lead to depression in adults. Folate from avocados provides the natural source of the vitamin that is readily absorbed by your body.

green-smoothie-super food5-Avocados Are a Good Replacement for Dairy

They can be used in many of your favorite recipes that require dairy. A good example is to use avocados to make a creamy dressing or instead of butter when baking.  They make great thickener for smoothies or shakes and even work with ice-creams and other deserts as a cream replacement. The durability of the fruit makes it one of the finest super foods you can include in your diet.


Below are some of the recipes from our site that contain Avocado

[ultimate-recipe-grid name=”Avocado Recipes” template=”default” images_only=”true” filter=”” multiselect=”true” match_all=”true” match_parents=”true” limit_author=”” limit_by_tag=”ingredient” limit_by_values=”Avocado; Avocado Dip” sort_by=”date” sort_order=”DESC” limit=”30″]What’s your favorite use for avocado in your daily meal plan ?

Clean Cabbage Slaw: The breakdown

Clean Cabbage Slaw

Just what makes our Clean Cabbage Slaw so healthy ?

Our Clean Cabbage Slaw (link leads to the recipe), shown here with Shrimp and dehydrated beet chips is as versatile as it is healthy. We have a very eclectic family. While we love Paleo, we all have a slightly different versions based on our food choices. We have carnivores, a pescatarian and a vegan. This works for everyone! You can eat it on it’s own or add, shrimp, chicken, avocado or whatever takes your fancy. We’ve also taken it on some of our picnics.  Originally based on our Lime and Walnut Cabbage Slaw, we just made a few modifications based on what was in the house. Swapped the walnuts for pecans and the lime for lemon, added carrot and red onions.


  • cabbage-493308_1280Part of the cruciferous family, rich in fiber and has been shown to cure stomach ulcers.
  • The Red variety is loaded with antioxidants which reduces inflammation, boosts brain function and cancer protection. While the other varieties contain these benefits, red cabbage has shown to have 6X the amount as its green and white counterparts. So, mix it up for better health.
  • Known to be a natural way to reduce cholesterol, it prevents bile from absorbing fat after a meal.
  • It contains glucosinolates , which studies suggest inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Red Onion

  • red-onions-vegetables-499066_1280A source for quercetin, allicin and chromium.
  • Quercetin has antioxidant properties and has anti cancer, anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. Onion juice is often used as a natural remedy for ear infections.
  • Allicin, when crushed, is known to prevent and treat cancer and reduce high blood pressure and good for cardiovascular health.
  • Chromium helps control glucose levels and why onions have a low glycemic index. Some evidence suggests, a chromium deficiency can make weight loss more difficult or even cause weight gain.


  • carrots-673184_1280Loaded with Vitamin A and rich in Beta-carotene which is known to protect against macular degeneration and support night vision
  • Reduce the risk of lung cancer breast cancer and colon cancer. Carrots produce a natural pesticide called falcarinol which may be the cause for the anticancer properties.
  • Beta-carotene is an antioxidant and which helps slow down the aging process.
  • Vitamin A and antioxidants promote healthier skin by protecting against sun damage, premature wrinkles, and the skins overall appearance. It can even be used as a facemask with a little bit of honey


  • lemon-684203_1280Loaded with vitamins and minerals here are just a few: Vitamin C, B6, Thiamin, Fiber, Copper, Calcium
  • Eases pain of sunburn and bee stings
  • Works as a natural detox to flush out toxins and promote weight loss
  • Natural dandruff remedy and increases shine to hair
  • Solves problems with constipation and indigestion
  • Cold remedy and fever reducer

Almond oil

  • IMG_20150702_113522Excellent source for Vitamin E and contains Vitamins A , D and polyunsaturated fatty acids which has shown to reduce the effects of UV exposure on the skin.
  • It is great for the digestive system and acts as a mild laxative to keep you regular
  • Improves the absorption of Vitamin A and K which makes it a perfect partner for this meal
  • Improves brain and nervous system function
  • Regular use can lower cholesterol
  • Good for heart health as it contains potassium and magnesium and is high in monounsaturated fats


  • pecans-139711_1280Good source of fiber promoting digesting health. Reduces risk of colitis, colon cancer and hemorrhoids
  • Contains heart healthy monounsaturated fats and phenolic antioxidants which have been found to prevent coronary artery disease and strokes.
  • Contains phosphorus for bone and teeth health. This mineral is essential for cell and tissue repair and can prevent muscle pain after exercise.
  • Rich in magnesium which has anti-inflammatory benefits. Magnesium has been known to be effective in reducing the risk of Alzheimer, arthritis, cardiovascular disease. Also lowers blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke.
  • Pecans contain oleic acid which is also present in olive oil. In addition to lowering LDL it is a good source of antioxidants. Oleic acid has been found to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

There you have it. Loaded with flavor, nutrient dense and at only 408 calories for a full meal with shrimp, a winner all the way around. Try it out for yourself. Looking forward to hearing what you think.