Cheap Fastfood is Creating a Health Bill You Cannot Afford To Pay

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Why Cheap Fastfood is Creating a Health Bill You Cannot Afford To Pay

I want you to go out and buy a big greasy burger and keep track of every dime you spend when getting that burger. Like the smoker who goes to the shop to buy cigarettes and walks out with a drink they don’t need, a paper they won’t read and possibly a small impulse purchase; buying a burger involves extra cost. If you know the standard cheeseburger does not fill you up, chances are you order a larger meal and drink; even get something extra to take home or worse stop at the shop and buy cigarettes!


Fastfood is like smoking, it becomes something you just do, a habitual action. Breaking that action can be hard, for some impossible. The smoker has to choose between spending cash on nicotine replacement therapy such as patches or gum to slowly reduce the nicotine intake or continue smoking.

The point is, it is now acknowledged changing habits is hard and requires intervention on some level.


Each time you purchase fast-food thinking you are saving money, you are contributing towards future medical issues.

Are you worried that  the cost of eating healthily Vs. cheap fastfood will leave you skint?



Grab a free pdf below of ‘The lifetime Costs of Diabetes’ by the American Diabetes Association 

American Diabetes Association – The Lifetime Cost of Diabetes



Now I can pretty much guarantee that most of the recipes we have available will cost around the same or less, and occasionally more than than the $3 burrito supreme at Taco Bell. For example our breakfast burrito : if you don’t have a larder with standard ingredients such as spices and coconut oil then you will spend more than $3 making the burrito…However your Taco-Bell food is a one hit wonder, $3 , you can make several breakfast burritos and eclipse the seemingly cheap burrito supreme (assuming you did not buy a coke).


Did you know that Coke market their product by give-away-prices in shops so when you go to a restaurant you choose coke and pay more…

Cheap fastfood does not effect everyone!

Your right, the odd person with a crazy metabolism can eat cheap fastfood and not gain weight. What is happening inside the body is a different question…

Futher hidden dangers of cheap fastfood or how you are damaging your body


cheap fastfood evil knievel

  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Obesity
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Autoimmune
  • Clothing
  • Fasting (fewer meals)
  • Deductibles (health care costs)
  • Life Insurance premiums



Some math on the cost of fastfood when Type 1 diabetes gets you!


If you are a Type1 diabetes adult with no insurance who uses Humalog an a new Animas pump and a new CGM Dexcom, checking my blood glucose with a One Touch Verio IQ meter, it could be:


If you have already purchased a pump and a Dexcom, the out of pocket costs would be:


If you are a Type1 diabetes adult with no insurance who uses Apidra in a new Omnipod and a new CGM Dexcom, checking my blood glucose with an Accu-Check Nano meter, it could be:


If you have already purchased a pump and a Dexcom, the out of pocket costs would be:


If you are a Type1 diabetes adult with no insurance who uses Novolog in a new Medtronic (not 530G) pump and Sof-Sensor CGM, checking my blood glucose with a Bayer Next meter, it could be:


(The price would be greater with the 530G pump and the Enlite CGM sensors.)

If you have already purchased a Medtronic pump with CGM integration, the out of pocket costs would be:


That’s not counting the physicians (multiple visits), the labs, the other tests that you might need, the glucagon, the back up long-acting insulin, the small items, etc.

That’s just for the technology, supplies, and insulin analog.

Source: TheperfectMd

How to kick a person when they are down

If you really wanted to be horrible to somebody (which I know you don’t, this is just an example) you can refer them to this article on how medical debt affects your credit score! Now the costs are getting out of control.

  • Your debt is passed to a collection agency that are usually staffed by hardened agents
  • A single collection by an agency can reduce your credit score by up to 100 points!
  • The size of the debt is not as important as the fact you have the debt


There is a fun game called ‘What if’ where you are given two choices. Here are two questions with two choices. Take a moment to absorb what the question asks you, and do you want to wait until you are in that position…?


If you have any health concerns relating to any of the issues raised in this article, then grab one of the remaining slots for a call with us. Let us help you address those concerns and get you clear on a plan to address them in the future.

8 superior fastfood recipes destroying the myth that delivery is quicker

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8 superior fastfood recipes destroying the myth that delivery is quicker

The only thing fast about fastfood is the rapidity in which your waistline grows and your budget shrinks. There are probably as many excuses for ordering fastfood or using the drive – thru as there are reasons to not stop drinking alcohol.

This article offers you eight easy to shop, prepare and cook recipes that are insanely easy and quick; so why do we default to fastfood delivery or drive-thru thinking it is quicker?

It’s Friday, you have finished work, you’re tired, need a shower and realise how hungry you are. As you drive home there is every chance you will see a pizza company advertising their waistline busting cuisine, and you get a little rumble.

There is every chance you will see a pizza shop…

fastfood pizza map 

At home you switch on the TV and again there is every chance you will see an advert for a pizza. (Dominoes and Pizza Hut spent a combined total of $209m on advertising between January 1 and April 30 2014)

Online or even by phone  you order your pizza before taking a shower, (but definitely do no look at the nutritional content calorie counter)  and by the time you finish and get ready to chill out your pizza…has not arrived…

On the 27th February 2014 Dominoes Australia posted on Facebook that their average delivery time is 24 minutes. The comments that followed are disgruntled customers slamming this claim and giving their opinion on the poor service and long delivery times as well as how poor the final product was.

Pizza Pizza guaranty they will deliver your pizza in 40 minutes. So let’s play with that figure. What can you cook in 40 minutes? Well without any forethought or preparation you might struggle. Keeping your larder correctly stocked is one of biggest issues people have, so the first thing we suggest is to use the recipe maker and shopping planner:

Here you will find a complete list of delicious ‘real world’ recipes.  Use the drop down box to select your taste extravaganza, then choose the amount of servings you want and all the effort is done for you!

You have the choice to save and print your menu. The really clever bit is that you will have a shopping list made for you by the menu planner. This means busting through all the excuses about time, you have a shopping list, you have the recipe and you if don’t have time to shop…you can order the food online to be delivered to your home!


Remember your pizza delivery company have bought and prepared the foods, so this evens the odds up.


Ultimately its all just choice, you know fastfood is not good for you and facts and figures can be as boring as your empty larder, so here are some examples to whet your whistle and fire up your appetite for healthy, home-cooked fastfood!

Shrimp and basil pesto flatbread pizza requires 10 minutes of preparation time and 10 minutes of cooking time. So you have 20 minutes to take a shower and 20 minutes to prepare and cook your meal before pizza pizza arrive!

So why are you not cooking your own fastfood at home?


How many times will you pay for fastfood delivery?

Fastfood is convenient, easy and on occasion quick. I mean picking up the phone or opening an app, pressing a few buttons and within an hour you have hot food delivered to your door. Wow, really it sounds so good!


You are paying for the convenience of the fastfood product, that will leave you bloated and then constipated!


Fastfood price of pizza Eater compiled pricing data for a basic Margherita pizza (tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and basil) from every VPN-certified (Verace Pizza Napoletana) pizzerias throughout the continental U.S. to see where the cheapest pies can be found. According to their findings, these precious pies can range from $8.90 to $16 depending on your location.



I eat fastfood because I cannot cook


Okay this again is something we face often with clients and whilst Chef Ramsey might scream you out of the kitchen for burning the onions we won’t we show you that cooking is a basic skill that anyone with a just a touch of enthusiasm can quickly learn.


For curry lovers we recommend that you start with the paleo shrimp curry (under 500 calories, approximately one slice of pizza)


Here is how complex it is!

  1. In a large pan (one with a lid), heat the coconut oil on a medium-high heat. Once the oil is hot, stir fry the cabbage for 3-5 minutes, until it softens
  2. Add the garlic and curry powder, and stir constantly for about a minute
  3. Now add, the cauliflower, mushrooms & spinach. Stir well to combine all the ingredients and then slowly add about half the water. Cover the pan, reduce to a medium/low heat and leave to simmer 
  4. Once the cauliflower and cabbage are soft, add the shrimp to the pan. Cover once again and cook until the shrimp are done, only about 3-5 minutes depending on the size of the shrimp you use.
  5. Spoon the curry into serving bowls, and eat whilst hot. You get the best from the aroma that way.


Chef Ramsey offered £20 ($30) to a fastfood curry delivery service if they would get the curry to him in 20 minutes. That gave him and non-cooking DJ Chris Moyles 20 minutes to make a curry.


Here is the result condensed to 4 minutes.

Fastfood Is Just Not Good Food

If fastfood was good for people then there would be no obesity problem. Folk would chow down on burgers and fries and pizzas and shed the pounds and feel great. The reality is you keep eating fastfood and you get bigger and lazier, the though of cooking just seems like too much effort!

Remember when Morgan Spurlock went supersize for 30 days?


A Fastfood Confession from Margie Burton (because everyone is human)

Imagine the scene: the children are tired and hungry and want to eat, I am tired and hungry and want to eat, there is not much in the larder as it has not been stocked up, what is in there will take ages to cook at least thirty minutes if not more and me and the children need food now. Here was my rapid solution to this problem before I discovered and lived the lifestyle I do now…

  1. Discuss/argue on what fastfood place to buy from (5-10 minutes)
  2. Decide that regardless of all else that Wendy’s is closest to home (5 minutes)
  3. Get children to car, strap them in and drive off (5-10 minutes)
  4. Stop at ATM for cash (10 minutes)
  5. Drive to Wendy’s in average traffic (15 minutes)
  6. Arrive and park and join queue inside as children want to look at menu (15 minutes)
  7. Children choose their meals, get served, wait for food (15 minutes)
  8. Walk back to car, drive home, get out car, enter house (25 minutes)
  9. Eat cold, dull, bland burger and woeful fries (3 minutes)

Total time ~ 80 minutes to complete the trip and 3 minutes to eat the cold fastfood. 

fastfood wendys

Don’t just take our word for it, Check out Real Money: Fast Food Versus Home-Cooked Meals on the ABC News blog, and look at how the time and money savings rack up!

Cooking fastfood at home is quicker than delivery or is proof... Click To Tweet  put a post together called:

15 Horrifying Fast Food Truths That Prove You’re Better Off Cooking At Home

Aside from some of the most grotesque pictures ever of what your fastfood looks like when it is delivered to the restaurant they also claim that factory farmers are stuffing their poutlry full of drugs!

You might be ingesting them via your food. Factory farmers feed prescription drugs to their poultry, and we ingest them when we eat the meat. This is part of the reason we’re facing the beginning of an antibiotic resistance crisis.


So If Fastfood is That Bad, Give Me Some Ideas!


  • Bursting Breakfast Burrito – Here’s a new breakfast twist… bursting breakfast burrito is fun to eat (read tricky) and totally satisfying. As with a number of our recipes, you can use this as a base, to add your own touches to the dish. Looking forward to hearing what you’ve done to make it your own.
  • Chicken and Bacon Stuffed Avocado Lettuce Wraps – A new firm favorite for lunchtime is our Chicken Bacon and Avocado Stuffed Lettuce Wraps. This recipe contains, roasted chicken & bacon crumbles, but works just as well with shrimp or tuna, any meat/fish or crunchy salad veg. I find it really satisfies my appetite, I suspect because of the great breakout of carbs/fats/proteins. It keeps my hunger at bay until dinner for sure.
  • Mahi Mahi Quesadillas  – Hot, tasty and satisfying to be able to just eat with your fingers. Quesadillas have always been a favorite, but have really only been Paleo possible, since our Paleo Flat Breads have been on the scene.
  • Easy Creamy Cauliflower Mash  – All the home comfort of mashed potato, without the potato. Perfect for paleo meals, and keeping the carbs low.
  • Pesto Salmon with Clean Cabbage Slaw  – This Pesto Salmon recipe was created for a fast day, with leftovers from our weekend. It’s delicious, very low carb, and leaves you satisfied. The pesto with the Salmon was a nice combination, and the crunch of the slaw added extra dimension.
  • Double Chocolate Muffins!  – Margie couldn’t leave well alone, as always, she needed to find a way to squeeze some chocolate into our already scrumptious paleo protein muffins, so glad she did, as are the rest of the family, it was an instant hit. These double chocolate Paleo muffins give you another way to get healthy great tasting snacks into your families life.

We’d love to hear about your healthy fastfood recipes in the comments section below, or if you have made tweaks to ours. You can find many more delicious ideas in our recipe archives here you will find everything from date paste, Thai Pancakes and Paleo vegan cookies, so jump in and eat some delicious healthy fastfood today.


Due to demand we have added an extra slot to our Breakthrough calls. If you are struggling to find a balance then don’t delay in contacting us before all the slots are booked. 

How To Overcome Your Fear of Food and Overeating

Let go of fear of food

Overcome your fear of food and overeating might be as easy as talking to somebody without them laughing

There is a fear in us all, and our own fear of food seem more dangerous, frightening, and insurmountable than the fears of others. Yet embarrassment of our fear of food often leads to silence, and silence leads to being locked into a fear for years, if not a lifetime.


Fear of food spiders web Only yesterday I watched a friend’s hysterical reaction to a small spider, she was terrified. This friend has never been bitten by a spider or suffered in any way, but after being teased about spiders all her life she now feels there is no way back, no way to ever overcome her fear of spiders. I asked her why she was afraid of arachnids and she said it was so long ago that she questioned the fear she’d forgotten why they frighten her.


At times it’s easy to confuse a fear with a habit or defense mechanism. You are overweight, but you call yourself fat (motivational!) and because of this you don’t like to eat too much in front of people, you may even fall into the ‘secret eater’ category…So you are invited to a  party with a buffet and you don’t want to appear a pig so you eat a sandwich before you go to the party, fill up on some carbs then pick at the protein. People may even comment that you don’t eat very much…At least not in front of people.

Perhaps your fear is feeling fat but you translate any excuse to not to go to a party or event because you have to squeeze into your clothes, you feel fat and you don’t want people to perceive you as fat, so you ‘create’ a fear of…This may sound harsh that you are creating fears but the same stories are repeated with people we work with. I would of gone to the party if…

Ask yourself why you fear buffets at parties?


I asked my friend if she if wanted to talk about her fear, not her fear of spiders, but fear itself.

I asked her these questions about fear (not about spiders!)


  • Why do we place value on fear and allow it control our movement, decisions and thoughts?
  • Why do the fears of others come across as amusing yet ours so terrifying?
  • Why can we not distance ourselves from our fear?



Fear is perception and if we can shift our perception we can overcome our fears. Click To Tweet


A high number of people we speak with have a fear of food, clothes and buffets. We have to gently coax out their fears, normally this is because they feel silly and embarrassed.


fear of food face


There is a time and place for talking with a professional stranger and with family. Too many years of being teased by friends and family over fears different to theirs leads to closing down, to being locked inside the fear.


How can you overcome something if it is always greeted as insignificant or easily surmountable? Why should fears be compared and graded? My friend’s fear of small spiders is as real as a parents fear for the safety of their child, or someone else’s fear of food.


Why do so many people have a fear of food and the lifestyle they desire?


“I’m afraid if I don’t finish all the food on my plate I might be hungry later.” – Anonymous.



Terry McCarty, 29, who is originally from Hawthorne, Nevada, suffered third-degree burns, lost part of his fingers and thumbs, and required 58 operations after his entire body was engulfed in flames at the age of 6 as the result of a childhood accident.  He was bullied as a child and called “Freddy Krueger,” but their was something in Terry McCarty that made him push on and confront his fear.


McCarty applied to become a firefighter in Washington State. In order to achieve his goal, he had to confront fire for the first time since the incident as part of his training. He says that, at first, he was unable to move and felt the way he had when he was six.


Are McCarty’s actions in overcoming his fear any more courageous than leaving food on your plate when you feel full?


Without detracting from the efforts of a courageous young man, if you align these fears and make yours seem silly in comparison you will be stuck in a cycle of inaction and forever popping that last mouthful of food that makes you feel bloated.


When you kick diets to the curb and embrace a lifestyle you can eliminate your food fears through admittance and action.


Telling somebody to put less food on his or her plate is easy and patronizing. Educating people on portion sizes, food preparation, shopping, and delicious alternatives takes effort and willingness by the client to embrace the change.


McCarty would of known when training that his fire retardant suit would protect him from the flames, but that does not mean he simply jumped into the fire without a care. Instructing someone to create a healthy meal, to embrace slow eating and taste their food does not remove the fear of food; it offers a platform for recovery.


Fear is not going away by itself, but confidence erodes fears, the more you do something the more you respect what you are doing. McCarty ‘overcame’ or ‘embraced’ his fear by cultivating a healthy respectful fear of fire.


Each time you stop eating when you are full you chip away at the power you have given fear.


fear of food skull and boozeYour body is the consequence of the extra mouthful, the first and last drink of alcohol you have at the party, the fast food on the way home. MacCarty’s body is the consequence of horrific accident and he learnt that he would be afraid his entire life if he did not take charge of his fear. You will be overweight your entire life if you do not embrace and welcome your eating fears.



Attempt this short exercise.


  1. Take a pen and write down on paper some things that you fear.
  2. Cross off all the fears not related to food.
  3. Ask yourself how you would feel sharing this food fear with a relative or friend?
  4. Make a connection between your fear of food and your other fears, don’t grade or compare them, see how they fit together.


“I am afraid to show my body by the pool on vacation.”  – Anonymous.



The fears you have when you are overweight such as showing your body in public are a side-effect of your fear of food. You are trapped in a cycle of fearing to show off your body because of overeating. If you addressed the food issue your body issue would soon evaporate as you stop believing the lies of your mind.



For each person who overcomes a fear like McCarty’s there are thousands if not millions of people trapped inside fear that keeps them locked in patterns. These patterns will never be broken because the fear is double; there is the fear itself and the fear of talking about the fear!


Overcoming a fear is not easy, and we do not claim that each individual with a fear of food can just ‘snap out of it’, what we claim is that a high percentage of people we speak with are trapped in fear because of the way their fear has been managed by themselves and others.


Some people suffer terribly with food and their plight is not to be made light of whether it is overeating or under eating.


A large portion of people can breakthrough their fears simply by admitting them and taking action. Click To Tweet


The free one-hour breakthrough call we offer has helped many people that have not continued to work with us. People we speak with have different fears and are at different stages of their life, some close to achieving their goals some seemingly lost unable to even remember what their goal is. Speaking with a professional stranger about our fears can be enough for some people, just letting it go and not being laughed at. Others seek more information and take courses and benefit from the guidance we offer. The breakthrough phone call might be the best freebie you ever had!