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How to Eat Healthy, Tasty Food and Save Money and Time
"This day in the life of" post is inspirational for anyone who has not yet embraced the sheer simplicity of good, home cooked food. The following piece is a day in the life of Arlene, a friend of All Just Choice...
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1 Minute Budget Help Video to Improve Your Finances
“Budget First Spend Later” is a 1 minute budget help video highlighting a common mistake and explaining how to instantly improve your finances. If you want to start making some real
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Budgeting and Forecasting: Dealing with Nasty Surprises
Budget and Forecasting: Dealing with Nasty Surprises This article follows on from some questions that arose out of my article on Multi-Pot Budgeting, and what to do when something turns up
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Improving Your Financial Health – Step 2
As promised, here’s the next instalment in my guide to achieving Financial Health.  If you haven’t done so already, I highly recommend reading Improving Your Financial Health – Step 1
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Types of Budgeting: The Multi-Pot Approach
Forget Other complex Types of Budgeting and keep it simple I mentioned on Facebook, that I would put together a post on my Multi-pot Budgeting approach, so here it is.
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Healthy and Financially Fit – Generation of Z
I am generation of Z! What’s up guys! My name is Joe Burton, I am one of Mark and Margie’s kids, I am the generation of Z!  They asked me
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