How To Improve your life with the Five Two Diet

How To Improve your life with the Five Two Diet

The Regularity of the Five Two Diet

What did you eat last week on Monday and Thursday? We can tell you what we ate on the five two diet for the last three years…500 – 600 calories. Read on to discover how intermittent fasting on a five two plan can improve your quality of life.


We improved our health, wealth and longevity following a five two diet plan.


Shrimp and Basil Pesto Flat-bread Pizza on a five two diet
You CAN eat this: Shrimp and Basil Pesto Flat-bread Pizza on a five two diet!

The Fast diet is ingrained in our lifestyle because we don’t like restrictions on tastes and flavors. Friends know to bring chocolate cake over on our non-fasting days. Yes we eat chocolate and all forms of tasty and flavorful Paleo foods. Here’s how it works.

Five Two  intermittent fasting is controlling calorific intake over short periods of time. We eat a Paleo diet without concern of weights, measures, and restrictions for five days.

Your body will naturally adapt to the best fasting plan, when you begin two days of reducing calorific intake to a quarter of the usual amount. Studies have shown that 5:2 intermittent fasting produces the same results as daily restrictions. We find two days of fasting refreshes our energy levels. Then we enjoy our normal eating days even more!

The five two diet has an unfair balance towards enjoyment. By lifting the restrictions over five days and fasting on two our bodies digest food better. We eat with a genuine appetite as we understand how our hunger tricks us. Our food tastes better, and organically we begin to make better choices for our body and minds.

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The possibility of embarrassing questions of side effects are not asked enough when talking to people considering a five two lifestyle. This is how it works; we have eaten pizza each night for a week, drunk a gallon of coke, and we’re constipated and low on energy!

We stop doing that and plan our meals and our body’s rhythm changes. This is a natural process. Our body is cleansing.

You will begin to:

  • Understand how the feeling of hunger comes and goes during fasting
  • Feel how fatigue does pass during fasting
  • Discover how amazing water tastes over a sugary drink
  • Learn what to do with all the extra energy you have!

How much weight can I lose in a week on a Five Two Diet?

When the 5:2 is followed correctly you can expect to lose 1lb a week, and continue to lose 1lb a week until you hit your ideal weight.  We personally have lost over 50lbs between us!! in just a 2 year period, then maintained that weight for the last 12 months.

Our friends who take weight training seriously where skeptical about the 2 5 diet as they require such high calorific intake. After absorbing our teachings on The Get Healthy Weight Loss program they realized there was more to training than eating dry tins of tuna!

Now they pump harder, save money on protein powders and have increased and enjoy better fat burning when preparing their summer beach bodies.

Five two diet man with energy
Feel invigorated when you follow a five two diet plan

Fasting benefits include:

  • Steady, long term weight loss
  • Decreased risk of diabetes
  • Increased longevity
  • Increased cell repair / re-generation
  • Improved liver function
  • Feeling amazing and being full of energy

Losing weight makes you feel fantastic on the outside. The five and two diet is a plan for life to avoid the ‘yo-yo’ effect of sticking it all back on. Adopting this lifestyle you have improved chances of lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  Any improvement in insulin sensitivity could be the difference between living with medication everyday or not.

Getting started on the Five Two Diet

To start getting the benefits of fasting, you need no special equipment, expensive powders or weekly fees. If you have eggs in the cupboard you can try this omelette.

Approaching your first fast you should remember the objective of why you are fasting. Perhaps start to eat smaller meals or try the ten best swaps for healthier eating.

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Your next step to beginning a five two lifestyle

5-2 Fasting eGuide
A Quick Start Guide

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Reach out and speak to others who embrace this lifestyle and ask, “Could this be as amazing as people say?” Over come fears today.

The honesty of the lady in this video who used intermittent fasting shows the real life results. Forget six packs and be proud of your body. Take inspiration from this amazing woman.

Suggested reading: Take action with programs that teaches sustainable weight loss techniques, Reiki and household budgeting to maintain your new lifestyle changes.

If you want more information about our lifestyle approach, check out this book by Dr. Michael Mosely, the founder and author of “The Fast Diet” .

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