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lies of the mind

Reveal The Lies of the Mind, to Breakthrough to Your Weight Loss Goals

Need a quick fix to your weight and lifestyle problems, even if you’re not prepared to take responsibility for your actions? – Please continue to believe the lies of your mind and close this webpage, we cannot help you.


  • Are you looking for healthy options over gimmicks?
  • Are you open to different ways of looking at old problems?
  • Are you fed up of believing the lies your mind keeps telling you? -(I cannot lose weight, I’ll always be fat, the gym is for fit people)


Then we can help you.


The only way you will defeat your recurring weight problems is if you accept this one truth…you must never, ever go on a ‘diet’ again!




  • Do you want to gain control of your eating habits?
  • Do you want to be FULLY in control of your life?
  • Do you want to be able to breath in your skinny jeans?
  • Do you want to reduce your risk of weight related health issues?



You might call them your ‘eating pants’, or casuals, and at first those loose fitting clothes are a tonic at the end of a days work. Eventually your eating pants become the only clothes that fit you.  Sound familiar?


How many times do you open your wardrobe and look at the expensive garments you never wear? Perhaps you purchase clothes that are too small and call them ‘goal’ clothes. What if they could be your ‘reality’ clothes?


How many times have you said, “I’m going to lose weight for the wedding and fit into that…” Click To Tweet


When you fail to fit into those clothes you want to feel better… The best thing you can do is go and get a double cheeseburger with a five-dollar shake, right?


Lies of the mind-cheeseburger
“Erm, where are my large fries?”


  • What if you could comfort eat with different foods?
  • What if you could be shown a lifestyle plan that works?
  • How would your life improve if you could see that making a breakthrough starts with one simple action?


So what’s the difference between a lifestyle and diet?


You live a lifestyle permanently, you diet temporarily... Click To Tweet

After years of believing the lies of your mind, you play along thinking you will do something about your recurring weight issues, but ultimately you and your mind know that this is a charade.


If only you could make that breakthrough, get started, end the destructive spiral of thinking, and after only 3 weeks (of eating delicious foods) your ‘goal’ clothes are now your reality clothes…How amazing would you feel?



lies of the mind -happy#1
You can feel this way everyday, even when you are sad


After stuffing down empty promises with the cheeseburger and five-dollar shake, the next logical step is to analyse what’s amazing about you, then why you always fail (probably best to really give yourself a hard time here, that way the bag of cookies at nighttime will taste better)


  • I’m motivated
  • I earn great money
  • I work hard
  • I follow through on commitments
  • I respect others
  • I pay my bills on time
  • So why can I not BREAKTHROUGH & start to live how I want?


Out come the cookies…


lies of the mind -oreos
“One more won’t hurt”


  • I have a lack of energy (eats two cookies)
  • I am embarrassed about my size (two more cookies)
  • I never swam in the pool with my kids on vacation (four more cookies)
  • I’m intimidated to go to the gym and it’s too far away (finish the pack of cookies and drive twenty minutes to the shop to buy more junk food)
  • I spend more money on health care than I do on prevention and being healthy


lies of the mind





There is a better way to live your life, a way that ensures you eat the right foods at the right time. A way of life where you have the energy to do all the activities you want. A way of life where you are the first person to jump in the pool with you kids on vacation.


lies of the mind -winner
You are a winner, sometimes you just forget…


A way of life where you are guilt free, active, and have all the tools you need to maintain who you really are, not who you think you should be…

Let go of regret, put down failed diet attempts, BREAKTHROUGH and be you, because you are amazing…

Get started now and change your life forever…


Schedule a free one hour call with lifestyle experts Mark and Margie Burton of – Hurry as there is a limited number of people we can speak with, get a slot whilst they last


That’s it! That is all you need to do to make the breakthrough! Really? – Yes, the phone call is the breakthrough and if you miss out you’ll never know if this could have changed your life (hello cookies)

P.S. Photograph your food, yes, everything you eat take a picture; start to SEE what you are consuming. This is private to you and easy to do. You’ve made the breakthrough…


lies of the mind greedy eating
“The whole hog!”


P.P.S. Did you know the average size of a dinner plate has increased by 2 inches in the last 50 years? That doesn’t sound like much right? What if I told you, those 2 inches actually increase the surface area of the plate by 50%?

We are programed that a full plate is satisfying. Reduce the size of your plate and you’ll reduce the amount of food you’re eating without even thinking about it.


How big are your plates?


lies of the mind -plates



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