The 10 Day Body Reboot

Cleanse your body. Kick-start your metabolism. Boost your energy

What is The 10 Day Body Reboot?

The 10 Day  Body Reboot quickly resets your system, resulting in fast, natural weight loss, boosting your energy and leaving you ready for whatever life throws at you.

Our program utilizes our unique 3-4-3 approach, designed to give the body, and specifically the liver, a break from its everyday grind.  Rebooting and balancing hormones to put your metabolism and digestive system back into peak condition.  The results come thick and fast, with people experiencing weight loss, increased energy and clarity of mind even within the 1st few days!

All packages come with instant, lifetime access to our online program portal, a comprehensive reboot guide and suggested meals/recipes. Support is readily available via our help-desk system directly from the portal, or purchase the Plus or Choice options to get exclusive access to our members only Facebook group.

And as I said, you have lifetime access to the online portal.  As we add new materials and resources, or if you head back to run the reboot again… everything you need will be right there ready to go!

Start Your Reboot Today!

I have lost weight and I have an enormous amount of energy
Kelly E
...less bloated and feeling lighter...
Michelle W
I am wearing the jeans I put away 2 years ago!
Louise F
This program is life changing!
Anita B

Who is it for?

The 10 Day Body Reboot gets results fast. The simple 3-4-3 approach is designed so there’s no more excuses, just an easy to follow plan, with no pills potions or powders.

Over Indulged?

Whether it was a busy holiday weekend, special occasions or a vacation, we all over do it sometimes.  These excesses can leave us feeling run down, bloated and sluggish.

The 10 Day Body Reboot gives your internal systems a helping hand to deal with the recent excesses. Getting you back to running at full tilt in a matter of days!


Life can be stressful at the best of times, which takes a quite toll on our body. Occasionally, that stress kicks up a notch! At times like this, we lose perspective and often our way.

The 10 Day Body Reboot is specifically designed to give your body some much needed R&R.  Get back on track, fast!

What can I expect to eat?

All recipies are included in the 10 Day Body Reboot guide, or on our website

What do I get?

No Additional Suppliments

No quick fix, magic solutions here. No extra supplements to purchase… Just simple whole foods, in easy to manage steps. Plus we’ve even set out what to have and provided the simple recipes and planning guide to fit it into even the most busy schedule.

Simple, 3-step Process

The proven 3 step process, means there is a clearly defined beginning, middle and end to the reboot… We lead you through the prep stage, into the “Core 4″, and finally prepare you for getting back to your every day life!

Online Access... Forever!

All the information, available to you at the touch of a button or the swipe of the screen. Our online portal is fully responsive for use on any device you choose… get the support you need, whenever you need it.


10 Day Reboot

Plus Package

Online Portal Program
10 Day Body Reboot eBook
Meal Plan & Recipes
Email Support (Online Portal)
Closed Facebook Group
3 Additional Starter eGuides
50 Recipe eBook

10 Day Reboot

Choice Package

Everything in the Plus Package
1-on-1 Consultation with Margie*
10 Days Instant Message Support**

*Consultation is 1-on-1 with Margie, via Skype and must be booked and used within 10 days of program purchase.

**Instant messaging support, also via Skype, available for 10 days from program purchase date.

Hi, I'm Margie,

I’m a nutritional therapist and weight loss coach who helps people all over the world to lose weight and feel great, but I used to be just like you.

My journey is not much different than most women. Weight gain, muscle aches, belly fat, abdominal stress, exhaustion…..

“It must be old age sinking in. What I feel is normal”. 

I tried all sorts of crazy diets to address the weight gain. I always lost weight, but it always came back. I tried exercise and while I did see positive changes, it didn’t help the aches, exhaustion or abdominal stress. As a result, I was never consistent with an exercise program.

I know just what it was like. But I also know there is a different way! I have a solution for you.

Through my years of working with my clients 1:1 and trying different approaches out on my family and friends, I’ve created a simple to follow 10 day program, to reboot your body’s metabolism. And best of all there are no extra supplements, powders or pills to purchase. You can even do this as often as you feel you need!


How Do I Know It's for Me?

If you answered “YES” to one or more of the questions above, then the 10 day reboot is perfect for you!