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Stop Dieting, Millions of Dollars

New Year, Best You: A Novel Weight Loss Approach

How you can eliminate the problem of hitting the New Year with weight loss as a recurring New Year’s Resolution rarely maintained

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It’s that time of year again…

Another calendar is just set to roll over. A fresh new year is about to kick-start. This will be our year.

  • We all want to realize more of our goals
  • We all want to be fit, strong and healthy
  • We all want to avoid past mistakes

Doing the same thing over and over, though, and expect-ing different results. This is something most of us are guilty of from time to time.

It is also one definition of insanity!

Someone once said, “If you keep on banging your head against a brick wall… Try walking around the wall.”This sage advice can serve us well in many facets of life.

Healthy living as a choice is one such area.

This innovative way of conquering seemingly insur-mountable obstacles means that, by looking for alterna-tive solutions and side-stepping the received wisdom pursued by the masses, we can get tangible results when only loss and disappointment seem otherwise on the agenda.

Health-related issues are the area in which the vast ma-jority of people are prompted to take annual action…

Whether it’s to quit smoking, reduce our alcohol intake, exercise more or lose weight, we can attach unwarranted significance to January 1 and set unrealistic goals.


  • You want to lose weight?
  • You have to go on a diet, right?


How would you like to lose weight and become healthi-er, fitter and stronger without dieting?

Sound too good be true?

Well, it is true. It is do-able and a preferable method by some distance to the numbing sense of failure induced by most regimented diet plans inevitable lack of victors.

  • Novel Weight Loss Approach - Food you love
    Ice-Cream Sandwich (My favorite dessert)

    NEVER go without the foods you love

  • NEVER feel hungry. Ever
  • NEVER forego a dessert if you want one – people in good shape still enjoy great food. Learn how to em-brace and enjoy the food you love with no guilt. That’s what a good life is all about. Tomorrow you will not do the same thing – it’s a treat. Enjoy it!

How would YOU like to accomplish this?

If weight loss is your goal for 2016 then it’s perfectly simple: make a choice…

Be active not passive in every sense.

Take action.

Think differently, use approaches that deviate from the norm – with less effort – and also save money in many areas thrown into the bargain: win, win, win

Put like this, making that choice is not starting to look so bad!

Some brief reasons why yo-yo dieting fails

Novel Weight Loss Approach - seld esteemExtensive investigation and studies show that 80-90% of diets fail and fail catastrophically. Not only do most individuals who diet not achieve their goal, they put all the weight back on within a year. The final insult is that this increase often amounts to even more than the weight originally lost! That’s hardly an incentive to go back for more nor does it help your self-esteem.

You, though, have done nothing wrong!

The, mindset and very reason for the diet industry is just this: to keep you coming back for more knowing in ad-vance you stand scant chance of success and thus the circle continues…

The carrot is dangled in the form of “Before and after” testimonials but the fact remains: yo-yo dieting is a rec-ipe (pun unintended) for disaster.

There are also a vast array of health problems, minor and major, associated with dieting or being overweight. These will be addressed fully in a forthcoming article as they warrant a comprehensive study.

As a taster, though, ponder this: a colosall 1 in 2 US citi-zens will be pre-diabetic or diabetic by 2020. The ratio is already a startling 1 in 3 and this sharp rise is disturb-ing.

Read on in the following weeks for more reasons you should live healthily without setting yourself up for failure by using a flawed system.

Novel Weight Loss Approach - Weight lossDo not be one of these disappointed souls, trying your best yet feeling worse not better and set to return to your previous weight once the diet ends.

You are highly likely to return to your old ways as you have made no worthwhile changes deep inside. You have simply followed a procedure with the strongest of faith giving it your very best shot and yet, a year later, you are in the precise same position making an identical promise to yourself.

This year…

Stop this now!

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Three things are key in controlling your weight.

  • What you eat
  • Subconscious sabotage
  • The exercise you undertake tailored to your needs

The relationship between these three areas is variable and there are other factors to consider but think about this:

– Do not diet. Make a simple decision: Whatever change I am willing to make, I am willing to make for LIFE… make it a lifestyle choice

– Exercise accordingly. Many posts on give plenty of free, helpful advice you can implement today (Fitness Articles)

What, then, should I do instead?

Novel Weight Loss Approach - just usThis is where our expertise, personal experience and guidance is invaluable.

Here at we are truly passionate about what we do. Take advantage and use some of our energy and enthusiasm to spur you on and reassure you. You can do this and you can do it without feeling in any way worse.

In order to enjoy a fulfilled and productive life to the core, being in shape is fundamental. When we look bet-ter we feel better. This may be superficial yet is undeni-able.

Also, we can forget all about those health risks linked to obesity and focus on ourselves. On working to craft the best iteration of ourselves.

What, then, SHOULD I do?

  1. Make a conscious decision and stick to it: from this point forth, I WILL eat better and smarter
    Repeat to yourself when needed, “I am not on a diet.”
  2. Partner this with a sensible exercise regime
  3. Get help to build an eating plan you love… with sup-port and guidance from people that really understand the importance of this approach.

Click Here to find many very healthy recipes to get you started. Once you become more knowledgeable and confident, you can use these as a base and expand your repertoire. Adding those you cannot do without. Buy colorful plates and make eating an event.

As with the health issues, a further slated article out-lines the diverse range of avenues in which you can save money but this merits a separate, detailed post.

A crucial thing to bear in mind is that the process needs to begin with a refusal to diet – the very word resonates with the concepts of deprivation, unpalatable food, hun-ger pangs and more expense.

Reject dieting as you know it.

Once you have made this vital decision – and if you have any hesitation, please do not hesitate to contact us – how do you proceed?

Novel Weight Loss Approach - food you love
Sausage/Egge Triple Decker Sandwich – healthy fast food alternative 🙂

As a starting point, look through all of the exciting, tasty (and cheap!) recipes on and start cooking!

Watch this space for a growing compendium of über-healthy, nourishing recipes along with a checklist of suggestions for stocking your cupboards and refrigerator with basics and delicious ingredients to work from.

Sustain this commitment:

You deserve it

Once you are back in the kitchen and away from fast-food counters, you’ll rapidly find that you are always full, that your preferred foodstuffs are still on the menu and that you will feel abundantly better for taking ac-tion.

Novel Weight Loss Approach - exercise you love
Exercise You Love

Exercise follows hand-in-glove. (Although 80% of the battle is truly with what you put into your body) Many useful links are available on this site within exercise-themed posts which make one thing plain: like with weight loss through eating, exercise need be neither tax-ing nor unenjoyable.

Choose an activity or activities you really look forward to. If you dislike the treadmill then it’s only a matter of time before your routine implodes, usually surprisingly quickly. Pick tennis or cycling which you love and your chance of pulling it off in the long-haul just skyrocketed.

This introduction, expanding on the previous linked post  is to set out clearly the idea that losing weight is something to embrace not fear:

Reveal the real you in your best incarnation

Keep a close eye on updates here at and find out:

  • Why diets fail (with statistical evidence)
  • How to eat better and lose weight while saving money in expected and unexpected ways
  • A growing array of recipes leading to an eBook with extra advice and more recipes
  • Why you should take action, ditch the diet, exercise sensible and amaze yourself with the results, re-sults which are not transient but long-lasting

In the meantime, if you want to avoid being in the same place at the end of 2016, start of 2017 then book a chat with us right now…

We have some times over the next few days to talk to people just like you, that are fed up with ALWAYS having that weight loss resolution… With our help, YOU can create an eating plan you LOVE, that you WILL STICK TO, and finally say goodbye to your weight issues… FOR GOOD!

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