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How to Boost Your Results by Simply Moving a Little More

Moving a little more, is just that… a progression, a little more than what you do now.  Inactivity can be OK.  Rest incorporated into a fulfilled, busy and active schedule is healthy. Rest is good for us.

The problem with total inactivity is that… well, it tends to lead to more inactivity. It can be a vicious circle seemingly impossible to break.

Even those of us with regular and established fitness regimes of varying intensity can experience an occasional week when doing anything seems out of the question. All it takes, though, is a single, light workout and the pattern is reset.

How about if I do NO exercise? I have no idea where to start…

 There’s some good news…

It’s not hard to get going!

moving a little more by the beachAll you need to do is work with the Do Something principle. Start small. Move a little more, then encourage and congratulate yourself. Slow but steady wins every time.

Here are some handy hints if you want to take action and become healthier but you are feeling somewhat stuck. Maybe you are carrying a few excess pounds. Perhaps you have been sick and temporarily decommissioned.

Various reasons can bind us to the couch so here is how to put a stop to that lifestyle and get started. Start living. Click To Tweet

Make a choice

  • If you are seriously overweight then be absolutely certain to seek medical advice before embarking on any kind of exercise

Do not think of what you are doing as punishment or a burden but, rather, a decision…

The choice of being fit and healthy while staying comfortably within your own limitations.

Now, here are some handy hints and ideas to get you moving more.

First, opt for the exercise that most appeals to you. As your energy and fitness levels increase the intensity gradually if you feel able then try integrating more of the exercises you like the look of.

With so much choice, enjoying what you do is a key to maintaining a routine.

Once your campaign is kick-started then you will feel and see swift results.

moving a little more by walkingWalking

This might seem an obvious suggestion, but walking has many advantages.

  • Walking is free!
  • It’s very low-impact
  • You can do it almost anywhere

Example: Park your car five spaces further away from the store. Then ten spaces. Then try walking to the store… See? Walking requires very little effort initially and it will get you up and about again.

All you really need is a decent pair of shoes which are comfy and supportive. You are highly likely to own a suitable pair anyway. There’s no need to dash out and buy $200 sneakers or hikingMove a little more - walking boots. Anything comfortable and supportive is adequate.

Depending on your level of fitness, walking can be very slow as outlined above, it can be steady or even vigorous. Find the happy medium that suits you best. Start slowly and build up your strength and flexibility.


If you want (or need) to begin very slowly then try using a smaller water bottle or glass. Simply getting up more often to refill your drink will promote mobility.

Sedentary/Multi-tasking Exercises

We can even exercise while we are seated on the couch or laid on our beds.  Moving a little more doesn’t even have to take you outside of your home.

Next time you are watching a movie try some leg lifts. First try with single then double leg straightens. Get your blood circulation going. Become more flexible.

An alternative is to perform some slow and basic leg squats while brushing your teeth. This type of approach is not for everyone but, in today’s time-poor world, many of us enjoy combining activities and freeing up precious minutes as an added bonus.

Light workout with bottles of water

Rather than going to the gym or pushing yourself too hard, try doing some basic exercises with one or two liter bottles of water.

Get your arms moving.

You do not need to be knowledgeable about specific arm workouts although if you are interested then try some curls or flys.

Just move the bottles around with your arms. Again, it’s much better to do something than nothing.

Chair Stand

move a little more chair exercisesIn a regular chair, simply stand up then sit down BUT control the downwards motion.

Focus on the movement, do it with precision using your arms as aids (if you need to).

Doing this 10-15 times is more than enough to get the whole body moving. Your arms and legs will get most from this simple but effective move but the entire body reaps the benefits.

If this seems too easy then use a higher chair or allow your legs to do more of the work than your arms.


 move a little more - yoga Attending classes is not something we all enjoy but if you need the discipline which can be enforced by an external schedule than consider yoga.

As well as helping you to relax, yoga promotes flexibility and boosts the immune system so is a multi-pronged approach to health.

If you do not want to join a class then try doing some basic routines. This site is great because it is packed with all kinds of resources:

For another gentle and low-impact option, consider swimming if you embrace being in the water. Click To Tweet


move a little more - swimmingFor another gentle and low-impact option, consider swimming if you embrace being in the water.

Your joints will not be strained, if you are a few pounds overweight it will actually make you more buoyant and you can start very slowly indeed.

Start slowly as will all these variants and build up as your strength grows.


This is another great, free and straightforward method of starting to exercise without feeling overtaxed.

Either stretch the body naturally or consider using an aid such as a Stretch Out Strap:

OPTP Stretch Out Package Includes Strap, DVD and Instructional Booklet

This is not necessary but inexpensive and comes with a free exercise guide.


 move a little more - cyclingIf you already have a bike then start by taking very short and gentle rides.

Go steady and do not overdo it.

Make sure you remember that you need to cycle home again so don’t go too far to start with!

As with all these suggestions, begin slowly and build up over time as you become stronger.


All of these activities can be easily started today. So what are you waiting for?  You will feel nothing but benefits from moving a little more.

Ready for a little more… check out our other articles on High Intensity Training and Getting Started with Gentle Exercise


If you want any further advice regarding gentle exercise then book up an easily available slot for consultation with call Margie or Mark today. We try to keep a couple of times available each day just for people who want to get started, but aren’t sure how.

Just click on the button below to pick a time over the next 48 hours to suit your timetable and Margie or Mark will call you to get you crystal clear on simple steps to hit your ideal weight, FOR LIFE!


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