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How to be awesome in your skinny jeans for good, without missing the foods you crave, even if you love pizza


The fatal flaw with many of diets, is they STOP!  You get to the end of the diet, reach a specific goal, fit into a particularly flattering outfit, and BOOM… you’re done.
The most difficult part when you have made a diet change, is actually turning it into your LIFESTYLE, embedding it into your every day life, for good.

Around 65% of dieters put ALL their weight back on within 3 years Click To Tweet

Around 65% of dieters put ALL their weight back on within 3 years (according to Gary Foster, Ph.D., clinical director of the Weight and Eating Disorders Program, University of Pennsylvania), some estimates put that number at closer to 80%, with many putting on more weight than they lost in the 1st place.

Most people are capable of making a change for 4 weeks, or 6 weeks, but once the goal is reached or the program is over, they return back to their old habits.  Not straight away, but slowly, almost imperceptibly. It’s commonly said that 4-6 weeks, of doing anything, is habit forming.  So any new diet ought to be embedded in your life by the time 6 weeks is up… right?
How many times have you finally shrunk enough to get back into that favorite pair of pants, only to go out for dinner, and celebrate with something you “used” to have.

And so it begins!!

Of course, by now you know what you are meant to be doing, and sure for a while you will most likely eat more healthily, especially while you are still enjoying the feeling of having hit your goal.  BUT, and here’s where most people end up with “weight creep”, the excuses start to infiltrate your mind….

  • i’ll just have this tonight,
  • it won’t hurt to have just one slice… etc.

Over time, our brains make it sound OK.. they convince us the draw of our favorite comfort/junk/childhood foods is too much to say no to.  That you have it all under control, that you’ll definitely not slip back into your old ways. (sounds like an addict right ?)

Truth is, before you know it, you use the excuse more often, then more often, until,  one type of food or another, creeps steadily back into your life.  Those pants get a little tighter, and a little tighter still, until you don’t put them on anymore, and they just hang in the closet… waiting for your next diet to kick in.

Sound familiar?

If so, then I have an AMAZING tip to share with you…


Finding HEALTHY alternatives is the key. More than alternatives, replacements.  You have to find foods/meals that you actually love AS MUCH if not MORE than the original.  Most people spend their time AVOIDING foods that they love, especially when they are trying to get back into that old school jersey before the reunion…  The restriction of those foods will always, always pull at you, wanting to drag you back…. calling you from the fridge.  Its important to know that when you find the right replacements, you really don’t miss those old favorites.

Here’s a great example of mine… because being human, I’m not immune to the call of my childhood favorites.

Craving the original thin crust pizza?

My Achilles heal has always been pizza, (and ice-cream, but we’ll deal with that another time) and for some reason the majority of gluten free, dairy free options don’t cut it for me, plus, they are still mostly carbs… They don’t taste great and they actually leave me feeling disappointed and worse, or at least as bad, as a regular pizza would.  There is something in the combination of flours that still makes me bloated and uncomfortable.  You top that with the fact that tomatoes are off my list of foods too…. and you realistically all I end up with just a bowl of toppings.

Our Flat Bread Paleo Pizza….

So for the last several years, Margie and I have been searching and searching for a viable replacement.  Only in the last few months have we found something that actually works for both of us, and we look forward to.  Not to mention it’s fully Paleo & has a pretty good breakout.  Our Flat Bread Paleo Pizza….
The last few times we have made it with the following toppings…

  • Avocado
  • Salmon
  • Mushrooms
  • Home made Basil Pesto,
  • Paleo flat bread’s as the base

Now we no longer crave other pizza, this is a truly viable replacement, that is healthy, leaves you feeling satisfied, NON DROWSY, doesn’t make you feel bloated and above all… TASTES AMAZING.

Hope this inspires you to make some change.. it really is a case of finding what works for you.

Do you want help to finally say goodbye to your muffin top for good? Do you want to do it WITHOUT misery, yo-yo dieting, and GUILT?

If you do, we can help. We’ve set aside some time in the next week to speak to you PERSONALLY about putting together an EASY, HEALTHY plan for PERMANENT weight loss and more energy. On the call, we’ll get you clear on 3 things:

  • What’s holding you back
  • What you REALLY want to achieve
  • Why it’s important to you

We’ll speak for about 45 minutes, put together a plan that’s just right for you. AND, we’ll do it for FREE.

Here’s the thing, though…

This is NOT for everyone.

This is ONLY for people who:-

  • Are willing to invest in their long-term health & well-being
  • Are ready to be open & honest about their current situation and take responsibility for it
  • Are ready to commit to making a change right now!

If that’s you, we’d love to help. Click below to book your free call

We look forward to speaking with your very soon

Mark & Margie


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