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HIT Workouts: Get amazing results in just 3 minutes a day

HIT workouts can get you fitter and healthier without spending hours or money at the gym Click To Tweet

What are HIT workouts? 

Let’s first differentiate HIT and HIIT

  • HIT is High Intensity Training
  • HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training.

HIT simply means pushing yourself hard from the start to the end of the workout. This can be as short as three minutes. And that’s it. Game over. Job done. Home you go.  (But don’t forget to warm up before and warm down afterwards)

HIIT adds the “interval” part, which means doing a series of exercises for intense short bursts with “recovery” periods in-between.

Now lets dismiss what HIIT is not…

HIT Workouts: HIITMany people make the incorrect assumption that this acronym translates to High Impact Interval Training. Not only is this type of regime potentially harmful, it sounds ominous and off-putting and is not what we mean by HIIT.

HIT/HIIT is essentially the polar opposite.

From now on I’m going to refer to HIT and HIIT workouts as one and the same, as the intensity and repetition is up to the practitioner.

We are all different! So for some, three minutes twice a week may fit our lifestyle and result desires. Others may opt to perform HIIT workouts for twelve minutes or more throughout the week.

Whatever the variables, the principle is sound: work smarter not harder.

You will subsequently feel energized but not reeling senseless from having overdone it. You can also potentially damage your body in the process by training excessively.

On the other hand, if you sit still for over six hours a day, you will shorten your lifespan. This is not opinion but fact based on a raft of scientific research. It is also common knowledge that excessive exercise causes noxious free radicals which lead to premature aging.

Are you ready to start?

 This article is for those who are ready.

If you’re set to get moving today then feel free to scroll down if excuses are not your game. However, some useful advice follows applicable to all areas of most people’s lives. None of us are perfect and we could all use a helping hand and some motivation.

However, many people are in the position of thinking about it, wanting to do it but…

There are excuses.

If you value your health and you are not exercising at all then HIT could be precisely what the doctor ordered. Click To Tweet

Let’s scotch three standard delaying tactics right now and then proceed to taking action.

 HIT Workouts: TimeI don’t have time

We are all busy. Nobody can legitimately claim that their day does not include 3 spare minutes.

 I have no equipment or money to buy any with

You don’t need any. Your own body is all that’s required.

I don’t want to join a class. I can’t afford to attend classes

HIT Workouts: Empty GymYou don’t have to. HIT can cost nothing. Employ a basic routine at home, go out for a stroll or take a pleasant bike ride. Money or schedules are excuses, plain and simple. HIT is not just effective but completely free.


Now, we all make excuses from time to time. It’s always easier not to do something than to do it. Don’t beat yourself up about this natural human trait. Do something about it instead.

Having outlined why there is no reason for anyone with the desire not to undertake HIT, we are left with simple procrastination. Many of us are prone to putting off until tomorrow what could just as easily be done today.

Ina superb article, Mark Manson, the six-figure über-blogger and motivator par excellence, talks about The Do Something Principle:


We ourselves talk about a similar way of overcoming the tricks our minds play on us:



You are good to go. Let’s get moving and HIT it.

You know what it is so now let’s look at the raw practicalities.

Exercise ideas

If you visit  then you will be presented with a comprehensive guide to all aspects of HIT.

To quote from their homepage, “Research has shown the extraordinary impact that ultra-short bursts of HIT (high intensity training) can have, whatever your age or level of fitness. Fast Exercise is for those who don’t enjoy exercise but want to lose fat and stay healthy. It is for those who love exercise and want to get the most from it.”

HIT Workouts: CyclingThink of the famous Bruce Lee quote, a man truly devoted to his body and its wellbeing: “Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own.

Let the enormous wealth of valuable information on lead you by the hand. It is far better to visit the site and take what you need from it than for it to be summarized here. Also, you can then see exactly what to do for your requirements.

While HIT workouts are not about becoming absolutely ripped and spending months in the gym and hundreds of dollars on supplements – only of any use if continued and harmful anyway – some of us are simply in better shape than others.

What we are aiming for is maximizing weight loss and longevity. We want to balance maximum benefit with minimum effort to mesh with our busy lifestyles. We want those lives to be fulfilled, long and happy. HIT will repay interest in all these areas.

Already Fit?

If you are already fit then HIIT could be more your thing. This superb site offers a wide array of immediate and easy ways in which to start:

Some of these routines exceed the promised three minutes but they are suited for those with slightly different goals, perhaps people in great shape already and scaling back a one hour workout to twelve minutes.


To conclude this section, here is another handy way to start moving now, today…

Again, if some of these HIIT exercises look too long or too advanced just skip them. You’ll soon be ready to attack them with a vengeance but ease into it gently.

With all exercise, variety is key. Don’t get bored. There is just no valid excuse. Imagination is your only limitation.

This next ten minute HIIT regime for beginners is ideal. Do it in three separate three minute sessions!

Remember: We are not talking about packing on a glut of muscle. To do so involves ripping your muscles and then loading up on protein on rest days to repair the torn muscles. We want to maximize health benefits while minimizing time and effort. We also need to bear in mind the information we kicked off with: less is more. Little work for massive benefit.


 The best way to prepare is to start stretching and limbering up but, by its very nature, the preparation phase need not be yet another excuse to postpone getting right down to it.

If you are eating healthily and in reasonable shape then get going.

If you need to shed a few pounds and are in desperate need of exercise, start more gently than if you were in peak condition. Within a short space of time the endorphins released by exercise combined with swift, visible results will lead to approaching your HIT workouts with more vigor.


When to perform HIT

The optimum time for High Intensity Training is directly after fasting, before you eat.  HIT is sometimes known as the Hunter Gatherer Workout, exercising first thing in the morning, or before you eat when you have been fasting, fits perfectly with that lifestyle. So work out hard for three minutes knowing that a delicious and healthy meal will follow.


HIT Workouts: ClassesTo reiterate, it is not necessary to attend classes.

Some people cannot afford the time or money for this. Others do not need the imposed discipline of a scheduled class and know that they will do their HIIT alone and regularly because they enjoy doing so.

If you do want to attend classes, though, it is easiest to Google, “high intensity interval training classes” and then select somewhere in your area and price range. We are a global village now and readers of this site reside worldwide so exhaustive, location-specific advice is just not possible.

That said, even when we have a routine in place, some of us need an extra motivator or additional support.

We strongly recommend integrating HIT workouts with healthy eating habits.

Learn more by booking a free consultation with Margie right now… She tries to keep a couple of times available each day just for people who want to get started, but aren’t sure how.

Just click on the button below to pick a time over the next 48 hours to suit your timetable and Margie or Mark will call you to get you crystal clear on your next steps to hit your ideal weight, FOR LIFE!

Take action right NOW! and get results in double-quick time, benefitting your health and making you look better into the bargain: win-win at the sacrifice of just three minutes a day.

As Nike say, JUST DO IT! 

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