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We’ve had the privilege to meet some beautiful souls along our journey in this business and our lives.  Some of those souls shine brightly into your lives and have a significant impact. Janis is just one such soul.  She is a free spirit and a wonderful example of what self love can bring into your life.  We asked her if she would like to write an article for our site and are very happy to say that she said yes, and here it is…..

“Here’s to our Radiant Wellness”

Expansive Love

People often tell me that I have radiant wellness. It’s such a beautiful thing to hear and I love that someone is aware of the great expansive love that I feel and that they want to reflect it back to me. I’ve known that I am so much more than just me, this body, this mind, and this ego. I’ve known that I’m part of something bigger, that we’re all connected to an unseen force I call spirit, and because I’m a Highly Sensitive Person I am continually taking in information from all sources in and around me, including spirit. I’ve been called too sensitive, too much, and even called intense a time or two, and maybe I am for the one who is saying that, but for me I’m simply taking in all of the information that is around and in me while my senses are actively listening to it, seeing it, feeling it, tasting it, smelling it, being it, and sharing it. You could say that I’m absorbing it, and I am to an extent, but I’ve learned how to make choices around what I take into my being, I have healthy boundaries, but that’s a whole other blog. Actually, there are so many ways of feeling that can’t be described here, but suffice to say I feel things deeply. This radiant wellness comes from the life all around me and within me. And, perhaps you feel this way also.


This radiant wellness comes from the life all around me and within me. And, perhaps you feel this way also. Click To Tweet

“Everything has a radiant wellness”

The most wonderful sense is that I see the Sacred in the ordinary, for really, there is no such thing as ordinary. All of life is sacred. Everything has spirit, and spirit is a part of Soul. It’s a feeling of being tuned in and enlivened by the spirit in every living thing, and knowing that we’re all connected and a part of a great living system we call Earth. It’s exciting to know that Earth is a part of a great living system we call our Solar System, and our Solar System is a part of the Milky Way Galaxy, and that the galaxy is a part of an even greater Universe, and so a part of even greater and greater forces and sources of energy. We are surrounded with radiant wellness, it  comes from the life all around me and within me. And, perhaps you feel this way also.Call it whatever you like. It’s wonder. It’s a pure wondrous and numinous power and creative force and we’re all a part of it. It’s mysterious wonder and is so enlivening when we tap into it. It heals, it energizes, it transforms as it radiates light and love from within our very cellular structure. When we open to this mystery and allow it to guide us, we radiate. That’s what people see when I’m in alignment with our radiant spirit environment.


cosmos of radiant wellness I radiate the love that’s in me and around me into the world and this simple action is healing for all of us. It feels good. That deep sense of being more than just me, more than a separate being, more than ego and part of a huge limitless body of life that I call spirit is oh so healing and so empowering. Radiant wellness is not a form of arrogance or narcissism, it’s a knowing of the divine web that we’re all a part of. We may feel separate and alone once in a while, but we’re never alone and we are all connected. I know that we heal ourselves as we embrace our radiance, and as we heal ourselves we serve to heal the whole world, and I believe the universe. We create a vibration of love and love is healing. Think about it, feel into it. How do you feel when you are in a state of me against them, resentment, anger, self-doubt, self-blame, shame, or some sort of down and gloomy feeling? How do you move, talk, and communicate yourself to the world in those times? Not so bright, right? I don’t radiate all of the time and I know those downer feelings of a sorry state of affairs times. And, how do you feel when you’re feeling loved, happy, proud, confident and strong? No question. Radiant. Bright. Divinely loved.

“Tap into Nature’s radiant wellness”

As I tune into that greater sense of me, that connected to everyone and everything sense of me, I begin to feel so much better and soon I am unable to feel down and out because I know I’m filled with divine perfection of sacred spirit (even if my ego mind is trying to convince me otherwise.) Go for a walk in deep Nature and what do you feel? Sit by the ocean and take in the splendour and radiance of her magnificent creative power. Listen to the winds blow and the wild birds sing their love songs and what do you feel? I feel wonder when I tap into Nature’s radiant wellness When I tap into wonder I do radiate and feel warm and full of love. Others see it and recognize it as something very special, and what they don’t realize is that it’s also in them. We’re mirrors for each other. I love it when someone says that I’m radiating because I know that they’re connecting with me in a way that fills themselves with that same loving warmth. It’s hard to pin point but it is felt.

Part of that feeling of being part of a spirit filled greater body is loving myself and all of life enough to care deeply about what I put on and in my body. I am a part of spirit and I recognize myself as such. I would not offer a toxic gift to spirit so I won’t do so to you or myself. My body is my temple and I have learned to treat it as such.

“Real conscious choices”

We need nutritious foods to eat for our bodies just as we need spiritual foods to nourish our beings. I made some very real conscious choices about the foods I eat after I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease. Prior to that I was living a life that I believed was aligned with the health of my spirit and the health of the planet but I was not fully engaged and I was ignorant. I really didn’t know how to feed my body for my greater wellbeing and to support and nourish my spirit. I was already dealing with diverticulosis and IBS but was pretty ignorant about how the foods I ate were effecting me. I knew that I suffered and that’s about it. I thought the suffering was just part of being a Highly Sensitive Person in this human life (which by the way does have a correlation to digestive issues, back and hip issues, migraines, and more.) So, when I got that Hashi’s diagnosis it was a wakeup call and I decided to learn about autoimmune dis-ease and heal my body, even though the doctors that I was working with told me it couldn’t be done, I did it. I healed my body by taking loving care of it body, mind, spirit, and emotion.

I learned that food has an incredible healing power over dis-ease. As a result I decided that I would only eat whole local seasonal organic foods (as possible) including lots of great veggies and fruits, wild caught safe and sustainable fish, humanely raised grass fed and finished meats to nourish, heal and sustain my body. I learned which foods aggravate and inflame my body, which foods calm and heal it, which foods nourish it deeply and which foods bring vitality. I deliberately and consciously choose my foods (and body care products) to be safe, nourishing and vitalizing for me. I want my body to be healthy and strong, flexible and clear so I eat foods with the qualities that I desire for my wellbeing and good health. I am a spiritual being in a human body and I know that food is an integral part of body, mind, spirit and emotional wellbeing. To feel good mentally, emotionally and spiritually we must feel good physically. Food and the environment that we eat it in are key.

“Detoxify body, mind, spirit”

radiant wellness food
Radiant wellness comes in part from eating healthy foods.

Highly Sensitive People ingest and absorb their environment, so, when I eat I am conscious of what, how, where, when and why I’m doing so. A gentle mindfulness helps with the digestive process as I slow down and consume the foods that I’ve lovingly prepared and enjoy in a calm and beautiful environment. I want to feed my spirit as I feed my body. My environment reflects my inner world and my inner world reflects my environment. Everything we put in our body beings is contributing to our health. Consider that next time you turn on the news.

I want the foods that I eat to be organic not only because I am eliminating toxins, I am also giving my body a chance to detoxify body, mind, spirit, and emotion from the past. As I support local organic and sustainable farmers I support the detoxifying of the soils, water and air from the past petroleum fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and the like. Just as I detox and nourish my body being with healthy choices I detox and heal the world by supporting organic, sustainable farming and harvesting practices. These choices I make not only benefit myself, they benefit all.

Look around and sense into our environment and it may be a bit depressing and discouraging. It seems the powers that be in our societal world haven’t figured out how to listen to Earth, but I have and you have too, or at least you can do so. I believe that it starts with listening to our own bodies. As we tune into our own body’s needs we become sensitive to them and learn from them. So, it follows that we need to tune in and use our senses to look, listen, feel, taste and smell to fully experience Earth’s desires and needs. As above, so below and as below, so above. We’re not separate and we cannot be healthy as individuals if our greater body of Earth is not healthy. I understand that we are part of Earth and that we need this symbiotic relationship with her to survive and thrive.

Glow, baby, glow

plants of radiant wellnessEating organically raised foods is one way to contribute to the healing process. There are so many ways to contribute to the healing process that go far beyond healing ourselves. Food is a powerfully delightful way to bring radiant health to yourself and those around you. Not only is it good for your mind, body, emotions and it’s good for your spirit, and ultimately good for all of us. Earth is bountiful and provides us with all that we need. It’s up to us to be well and provide her with the same.

Glow, baby, glow as you radiate your wondrous beauty into the world. We need your beautiful spirit to shine and bring us back into radiant health. I see your gorgeous and radiant spirit and I recognize your beautiful radiant spirit as a part of this great work. Be a part of The Healing Soulution and declare and commit to eating and supporting a better and healthier world through organic practices everywhere. Here’s to your good health! Here’s to you in all of your glory! Radiate your spirit at the vibration of love and the whole world will benefit from your radiant beauty.

Janis E. McKinstry, MA

The Healing Soulution

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