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gentle exercise

Getting started with gentle exercise is your gateway back to fitness.


If you’re currently either too heavy or not exercising you might feel ‘being fit’ is a place you and your inner child will never visit.


Do not argue with your inner child

Not so Gentle ExerciseThere is no point in dragging up old memories of fitness campaigns that have failed.

In general people go too hard and too fast when they return to fitness.

An aggressive High Intensity Interval Training session can be overwhelming when you are unfit. You might go once or twice and see all the ‘hard bodies’ making it look easy.

This is de-motivating, and you can easily forget each person in the HIIT class has been training regularly because they made an agreement with their inner child.


All schisms with you inner child can be summed up this way:


You: I am going to only drink cabbage for a month

Inner child: I don’t want to do that


The result is you fight your inner child by creating a restriction. Take a moment to reflect on a food or exercise choice you made that was not in agreement with your inner child…

  • “I’m going to lift weights”“I’m not”
  • “I’m going to only eat seaweed” – “I’m not”
  • “I’m going to KFC”“About time you’ve been feeding me seaweed for a month!”


However you achieve a connection with your inner child, don’t make the mistake of hearing but not listening…


It’s The Wrong Day to start Gentle exercise.


Perhaps you see the week starting on a Monday, as that is the day you go to work. Perhaps you are reading this on Tuesday and thinking you have to wait until Monday so your week is in sync. If you really believe it will not be impossible to complete the training plan program (further down the page) unless you start on a Monday, then okay start Monday but make sure you use the days in-between to order your running kit.


Gentle Execise?Whilst we are promoting gentle exercise you should begin to bring a sense of urgency to the thought of training, be excited about it, excited to start, and get started as soon as you can.


Without any doubt you should seek medical advice before starting any training program. You know your body, your fitness level, and current weight. Do not risk anything at all.


You must make the choice for yourself to start the gentle exercise plan, you must stop exercising if you feel unwell or pick up an injury and seek medical advice.


No more excuses lets get going with some gentle exercise

Time saver: This section is a training plan with  bias towards those of moderate fitness who want a gentle introduction and instructions on running weekly for fun.  However there is more information on the inner child further down the article.

We will show you how to get started with gentle exercise, with The Alljustchoice™ 9 Weeks to 5k Training Plan, and sensible motivation tactics.


Okay, you’ve made it past the introduction and downloaded the plan and you feel good. Now you must get prepared to commit to the gentle exercise-training plan.


I’m starting The All Just Choice 9 Weeks to 5km Training Plan, see you at #Parkrun Click To Tweet


The explosion in tech-based training aids is phenomenal. You can get Apps for your phone that connect to wrist band trackers, smart-glasses that give you a visual of your performance, the more you look the more you will find a gadget to help you get fit.


I’m sorry to tell you this but if you invest a $1000 in gadgets you will not get fit. You do have to get off the couch to get fit.


There is every reason for you to purchase some form of entry-level fitness tracker, but don’t go crazy or thinking you cannot start until you have purchased all the fitness-tech on the market.  We rock the Fitbit Charge… it’s been doing really well for us.  There was a problem with the wrist band coming away from the unit itself, but the warranty/return process was flawless and hassle free and we had a new device within 5-7 days!


The Inner child is quiet so find some running shoes


If you have running shoes then they are good enough to use. Do not think you have to buy new shoes, wait and upgrade your shoes as you go.


gentle exercise running shoesIf you complete the training plan and join the Park run movement then you should invest in a decent pair of running shoes. Again there is no need to go crazy here; there is a vast selection of running shoes but don’t go mad with research delaying a purchase. Any famous brand running shoe that is priced $40 – $100 is going to be a good shoe.


Compare the cost of your new running shoes to what you did spend or could spend on fast food. 


Consider the average Dominoes Pizza is around $15, you only need add hot wings and some coke and you order will be the same price as your running shoes.


The same applies to purchasing sports clothing. Just get what you need, which is shorts, a T-shirt, and socks. Depending on how often you wish to do the laundry will govern how many of each item you buy.


Order from Amazon using next day delivery then you have removed another excuse for getting started.



You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars to start exercising gently Click To Tweet



Gentle exercise in the parkAll the excuses have been covered and now you have to commit to the training program by doing the following:

  • Download the 9 Weeks to 5k Training Plan –  Download: 9 Weeks-2-5K guide
  • Look at your diary and plan when you are going to train and make that time for training, no excuses or cancelling
  • If you want grab a fitness tracker
  • Get out your running shoes or grab some new ones as quickly as you can
  • Buy basic running gear (think about a sweat suit also if it’s cold where you live)
  • Get past all arguments with the inner child; you are embarking on an achievable challenge not training to be an ultra runner
  • We advise you seek medical opinion on your current state of health before starting the plan
  • Spend time writing out notes from the fitness plan so you know what you have to achieve each day.


Now go for it!

Remember you don’t have to go crazy you are not training for a tough mudder event!

If you have any questions on getting started with a gentle fitness training routine please leave us a comment or join the discussion in The Kick Diets To The Curb Facebook Group

Don’t let doubt stand in your way, we are here to help you achieve you goals, do not hesitiate in booking a free call with us to discuss you needs. It might be the best free phone call you ever make.


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