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11 Surprising Foods You Should Avoid For Weight Loss

Excess of almost all foods is fattening! But there are certain foods you should avoid for weight loss, even though they can be considered “low fat” or “healthy”.
And even the healthiest ones can sometimes lead to weight increase if taken in very high amounts.
Here, then, are some of the worst offenders we are led to believe are healthy/good options when losing weight. In fact, they often have the opposite effect.

Before we kick off… we need to address one of the BIGGEST myths in the weight/loss diet industry!

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Usually low fat means high sugar, high additives.  Sugar/Carbs are the main cause of weight gain in the majority of the western population.  If you want to know more, check out our short video on “Why 90% of Diets Fail”, where we bust the myths of weight loss and low fat foods!

1) Zero sugar/ Diet soda

foods you should avoid for weight loss - diet soda
Diet Soda

This is number one on our sh*t list of foods you should avoid for weight loss….

We all know that artificial sweeteners are found in so-called diet sodas, and many studies have proven such sweeteners causes our bodies to crave more and more sweets.
Diet soda can cause abdominal fat to triple. The belly is a not a good place for extra pounds to accumulate! It’s also actually the kind of fat which can cause cardiovascular disease, inflammation, Type 2 diabetes and even cancer…

See our article on 8 Cancer Causing Foods

2) Granola/Granola Bars

foods you should avoid for weight loss - granola
A better choice… Grain Free Granola

Granola is said to be high in nutrients, but do you know that most types contain more sugar than a bowl of most breakfast cereals?
Most of the granola bars are also high in sugar content and can make you feel hungry shortly after you consume it. Too much granola consumption can actually make you gain weight.
One cup of granola contains over 450 calories and adding milk can increase the amount of calories even further.  A granola bar contains the same amount of calories.
It’s much better to have something like a  Homemade/grain free granola which is low in carbs, low in processed/added sugar and high in good fats! Such varieties will make you feel fuller longer and tie in with your weight loss aims.

3) Pretzels

Considered a low fat snack by many, Pretzels are made up of refined carbohydrates which have barely any nutritional advantage. They are also very high in sodium and calories.
Adding on extra sweeteners and dipping sauces only makes them even more fattening.
If you really wish to eat pretzels, and we mean that if its a do or die, head for the gluten-free variety! Even those are high in carbs ( which converts quickly to sugar in your bloodstream) and other additives, so PLEASE only in moderation.

4) Frozen yogurt

foods you should avoid for weight loss - frozen yogurt
Frozen Yogurt… with Toppings

Frozen yogurts are one of the main crazes among dieters today. This is mainly because they are advertised as a healthy “Low FAT” substitute for ice cream.
But wait… Are they really not fattening?
Nope. Even the supposedly fat-free yogurts are packed full of sugar and/or sweeteners, bumping the calories and increasing the storage of fat within the body.  And lets not forget the abundance of toppings that usually adorn these treats!

Don’t forget that while Yogurt drinks are typically packed with fruit and calcium, they also have an excess of calories, sugar, and fat.
Rather than fooling yourself, why not sidestep frozen yoghurt completely and find a different frozen dessert… Here’s a quick recipe:

Coconut Cream Gelato

1 can coconut cream
1 cup frozen mixed berries
1 tbsp raw honey
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
Blend until smooth 🙂

5) Turkey and Chicken burgers

foods you should avoid for weight loss - processed chicken burger
Processed Chicken Burgers

Turkey and chicken burgers found in restaurants and food chains are usually made from dark meat, turkey and chicken skin. The meat is often sourced from chemically toxic animals, full of antibiotics, nitrates/nitrites and other fillers.  These meats are high in poor saturated fat and toxins.  Our bodies tend to store an excess of toxins in fat cells… This does not represent an alignment with weight-loss goals.

Most of the time, turkey and chicken burgers can be made from entirely dark skin. This has a really high fat content.
Why not create these burgers at home instead and take control?  Make from all natural/organic if possible white or dark meat, avoid the skin and add healthy fats for flavour and to keep them moist.

6) Pre-packaged Frozen Meals

Pre-packed frozen meals sound great for convenience and are usually pretty good for the wallet too… But are they helping your weight loss?

Again… NO! Even the “low fat” meals are stuffed with sodium and natural preservatives.  The sodium makes you retain water, meaning you bloat up… hindering how you feel, look and your motivation for your chosen weight loss regime.  They are usually carb heavy, and the small portion sizes do nothing to satisfy your hunger… leaving you prone to wanting more!

7) Bananas

foods you should avoid for weight loss - bananas

Ever heard of bananas as being a fattening food?
Well, while most will say bananas are extremely healthy due to the potassium, magnesium and fiber content, bananas can also make you gain weight and even more…
Although it is really packed with diverse healthy benefits, too much banana consumption can also cause you to gain weight because of its high sugar content (from simple carbs).
A large banana can give you at least 120 calories so if you wolf down a couple then it is not quite the slim-line option you are led to believe it to be.

8) Dark chocolate

foods you should avoid for weight loss - dark chocolate
Homemade – Almond Butter Cup

Now this one will surely cause raised eyebrows…
While it’s considered as “healthy chocolate” because of its antioxidant properties, dark chocolates are in fact extremely fattening.
These bars are rich in sugar and saturated fats and also high in calories. And, when eaten in large amounts, dark chocolate will make your body bigger, plain and simple.

If you want to eat chocoalte… check out our article on Who else wants to eat chocolate and lose weight


Here’s a healthy alternative, with none of the downsides, this recipe for Homemade Dark Chocolate (eating in moderation) is perfect for any chocoholic.

9) Whole wheat bread

This is also surprising. And I am not kidding. Whole wheat bread alone is fattening.
Well, shocking as it is, it can really make you gain weight for many of the reasons we’ve mentioned previously.
Whilst whole wheat bread contains about 69 calories per slice, a sandwich alone provides around 140 calories, which is not in itself bad… however it is VERY high in carbs and  high on the glycemic index.

At the risk of repeating ourselves,

Carbs equal sugar, excess sugar in the blood stream, is easily converted to fat and stored in the body! Click To Tweet

This is exacerbated if you use processed meats and dressings as add-ons. Imagine if you snack more because you thought it’s a genuinely healthy option!  Well, it’s not. You will gain weight if with this type of food/snack.

10) Smoothies

foods you should avoid for weight loss -
Berrylicious Detox Smoothie

Smoothies are generally healthy if made only with pure fruits. But, sadly, those ordered in restaurants add in sugars to make it taste better.
And those with artificial sweeteners only makes you crave for more as it is its job to make a person feel that way towards sweets.
So, to make sure we get a true non-fattening smoothie, make a choice and do it your way. Make smoothies at home focusing only on loads of fruit combos and adding in some healthy fats. Try this: Can’t beet it Detox Smoothie

11) “Low Fat” Foods/Meals/Products

In the section on frozen meals above, we mentioned that when meals are low fat, they are often stuffed with sugar, and heavy carb loads… But there’s another big issue to take into account here.

Psychology!… Based on this research from, we are more likely to eat 30% more… Just BECAUSE we think “well it’s low fat and healthy for me, I can eat more of this :)”.   This on it’s own can be a big cause of weight gain.  There is also the fact that low fat meals do not satisfy your hunger, especially for those who are already overweight, leading to increased consumption.

So what are good options…

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