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Why Cheap Fastfood is Creating a Health Bill You Cannot Afford To Pay

I want you to go out and buy a big greasy burger and keep track of every dime you spend when getting that burger. Like the smoker who goes to the shop to buy cigarettes and walks out with a drink they don’t need, a paper they won’t read and possibly a small impulse purchase; buying a burger involves extra cost. If you know the standard cheeseburger does not fill you up, chances are you order a larger meal and drink; even get something extra to take home or worse stop at the shop and buy cigarettes!


Fastfood is like smoking, it becomes something you just do, a habitual action. Breaking that action can be hard, for some impossible. The smoker has to choose between spending cash on nicotine replacement therapy such as patches or gum to slowly reduce the nicotine intake or continue smoking.

The point is, it is now acknowledged changing habits is hard and requires intervention on some level.


Each time you purchase fast-food thinking you are saving money, you are contributing towards future medical issues.

Are you worried that  the cost of eating healthily Vs. cheap fastfood will leave you skint?



Grab a free pdf below of ‘The lifetime Costs of Diabetes’ by the American Diabetes Association 

American Diabetes Association – The Lifetime Cost of Diabetes



Now I can pretty much guarantee that most of the recipes we have available will cost around the same or less, and occasionally more than than the $3 burrito supreme at Taco Bell. For example our breakfast burrito : if you don’t have a larder with standard ingredients such as spices and coconut oil then you will spend more than $3 making the burrito…However your Taco-Bell food is a one hit wonder, $3 , you can make several breakfast burritos and eclipse the seemingly cheap burrito supreme (assuming you did not buy a coke).


Did you know that Coke market their product by give-away-prices in shops so when you go to a restaurant you choose coke and pay more…

Cheap fastfood does not effect everyone!

Your right, the odd person with a crazy metabolism can eat cheap fastfood and not gain weight. What is happening inside the body is a different question…

Futher hidden dangers of cheap fastfood or how you are damaging your body


cheap fastfood evil knievel

  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Obesity
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Autoimmune
  • Clothing
  • Fasting (fewer meals)
  • Deductibles (health care costs)
  • Life Insurance premiums



Some math on the cost of fastfood when Type 1 diabetes gets you!


If you are a Type1 diabetes adult with no insurance who uses Humalog an a new Animas pump and a new CGM Dexcom, checking my blood glucose with a One Touch Verio IQ meter, it could be:


If you have already purchased a pump and a Dexcom, the out of pocket costs would be:


If you are a Type1 diabetes adult with no insurance who uses Apidra in a new Omnipod and a new CGM Dexcom, checking my blood glucose with an Accu-Check Nano meter, it could be:


If you have already purchased a pump and a Dexcom, the out of pocket costs would be:


If you are a Type1 diabetes adult with no insurance who uses Novolog in a new Medtronic (not 530G) pump and Sof-Sensor CGM, checking my blood glucose with a Bayer Next meter, it could be:


(The price would be greater with the 530G pump and the Enlite CGM sensors.)

If you have already purchased a Medtronic pump with CGM integration, the out of pocket costs would be:


That’s not counting the physicians (multiple visits), the labs, the other tests that you might need, the glucagon, the back up long-acting insulin, the small items, etc.

That’s just for the technology, supplies, and insulin analog.

Source: TheperfectMd

How to kick a person when they are down

If you really wanted to be horrible to somebody (which I know you don’t, this is just an example) you can refer them to this article on how medical debt affects your credit score! Now the costs are getting out of control.

  • Your debt is passed to a collection agency that are usually staffed by hardened agents
  • A single collection by an agency can reduce your credit score by up to 100 points!
  • The size of the debt is not as important as the fact you have the debt


There is a fun game called ‘What if’ where you are given two choices. Here are two questions with two choices. Take a moment to absorb what the question asks you, and do you want to wait until you are in that position…?


If you have any health concerns relating to any of the issues raised in this article, then grab one of the remaining slots for a call with us. Let us help you address those concerns and get you clear on a plan to address them in the future.

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