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Stop Dieting, Millions of Dollars
New Year, Best You: A Novel Weight Loss Approach
How you can eliminate the problem of hitting the New Year with weight loss as a recurring New Year’s Resolution rarely maintained
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How to Boost Your Results by Simply Moving a Little More
Moving a little more and utilizing a "do something principle" can achieve great results for those that want to make simple changes you can do anywhere...
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HIT Workouts: Get amazing results in just 3 minutes a day
HIT workouts can get you fitter and healthier without spending hours or money at the gym, in as little as 3 minutes once a week... HIT simply means pushing yourself hard from the start to the end of the workout. And that’s it. Game over. Job done. Home you go.
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gentle exercise
How to Get Started With Gentle Exercise
Getting started with gentle exercise is your gateway back to fitness.   If you’re currently either too heavy or not exercising you might feel ‘being fit’ is a place you
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What is Intermittent Fasting?

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