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Best Beach Body Ever

Breakthrough to Your Best Beach Body Ever; For Life!

It’s that time of year again when we start thinking of getting into shape for the summer.
How would you feel if you were told that you could put an end to this annual cycle of weight loss in a hurry?
How would you feel if you were told that you could bag your best beach body… for life, not just for summer?

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Well, assimilate some of the tips here into your eating plan and make it happen. Kick aside thoughts of a quick fix since that approach results in nothing but short-term achievements (if that).

Focus on making sustainable and worthwhile changes.

Have you ever watched the TV series The Biggest Loser and checked out those contestants who end up not losing any weight after a rigorous week of workouts and dieting? Sometimes they even manage to pile some on!


You may have wondered – along with the people involved in the show – why on earth this happened. Whatever went wrong? Well, read on and discover the reasons behind such phenomena and how to avoid that frustration yourself…

First of all, you should not depend upon diet and exercise alone for everything. Other factors, although less obvious, can help with sustained weight loss.

Be kind to yourself

You should condition yourself to be motivated to eat well for the right reasons. Be kind to yourself, too. If you over-deprive your body of food you love, you will always be drawn back to those foods. By going without your favorite fare, you can also fall into the trap of quick-fix diets out of sheer frustration. These simply don’t deliver lasting effects.

Best Beach Body Ever - Don't Feel Restricted
Diet Restrictions

And while we are talking about motivation, this means having an eating plan that you are comfortable with and love. The key is balancing everything. If you are happy with the things that you eat it means goodbye to those restrictive words like “discipline”. It’s also sensible not to overdo exercising. Too much of anything can be harmful. So think of it this way…

You don’t need to hit the gym daily and you don’t need to miss out on the things that you adore. Got a soft spot for fries? Treat yourself once a week and seek out the healthiest option: win-win.


Don’t take this approach to the extreme and just gorge on anything, even if you’re in a hurry. Choose foods wisely to fill you with energy for hours rather than the quick burst that a sugar-laden chocolate bar will offer.

Mindful Eating

Consider standing for ten to twenty minutes after eating to let the digestive system process food easier. Remaining seated for a lengthy spell after meals will make fats accumulate around the belly; this is because the stomach will have a tough time digesting the food. Thus, burning mechanisms also slow down.

Similarly, eating while distracted has a tendency to provoke overeating. It will take your mind away from the regular pattern of eating, namely doing so seated while enjoying the meal. Try to sit at the table, though, rather than slouched on the couch watching TV. This kind of mindless chow session is not the way forward.

How about undertaking a semi-vegetarian diet? Pay attention to your limits and make the right choice. Listen to your body. Do what’s best for you…

Include meat and fish by all means but include a good dose of vegetables and berries as well. Unlike with many fruits like bananas or apples, we can choose to eat small servings of berries. Grab a handful remembering that moderation in everything reaps dividends. This simple approach will aid your quest for a beach body for life.

Good, Whole Foods

Eat more natural, real whole foods and remove the junk from your diet.  But do not overeat healthy foods either. At the risk of repetition, everything in moderation is a truism that is absolutely true.

Best Beach Body Ever - Healthy FatsThere are some foods considered wholesome (such as avocados, nuts and even olive oils) which contain healthy fats. Often, people associate fats as being inherently bad. That’s simply not true. You need those fats so double down here to achieve the beach body of your dreams.

When it comes to cooking oils, the healthy fats in extra virgin olive oil are undoubtedly beneficial. Also, investigate equally nutritious alternatives like coconut oil. Mix it up! Avoid boredom at all costs.

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Stay Hydrated

And this doesn’t mean consuming anything you can get down your neck.

Best Beach Body Ever - Stay Hydrated
Stay Hydrated

Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water per day can do the trick, but you should drink more if you’re a particularly active individual. Water not only hydrates but also cleanses the body from all the toxins it has taken in. Being less hydrated will make you feel hungry when you’re actually thirsty.

Note: Additional water is required if you also consume caffinated beverages!

A glass of water before every meal helps you fill up faster. And don’t overlook the fact that alcohol has a high sugar content too. Now you know why many men have a beer belly!

Sleep Well

And, if you think foregoing sleep to make time to exercise more will make you lose weight, think again… It’s the wrong strategy entirely.

Getting insufficient sleep will program your body to eat more to compensate for the energy needed from sleeping.

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You will need extra energy to keep up with your exercises and less sleep will only increase your appetite and you’ll feel so tired that you will revert to eating too much.


Best Beach Body Ever - Yoga
A little yoga is good for the body, mind and spirit

Speaking of exercises, incorporate some strength training or HIIT rather than concentrating soley on cardio.

Strength training doesn’t just fortify the joints but it also builds up leaner muscles and increases metabolism. We are not talking about pumping serious iron but a gentle and sensible approach to reap maximum benefits from your workout.

As with food, focus on what you enjoy when it comes to exercise.

Don’t make it an ordeal. If you like yoga or tennis then opt for a class or a knockabout instead of a punishing run.

General Diet

Always remember the food portioning that your trainer or nutritionist advised you about. You may not notice you’re already overindulging (especially after workouts) when you feel increased cravings for snacks.

Do not binge on diet foods out of desperation to achieve that beach body in double quick time. Sure, they are marketed as healthy options; perhaps you might think eating more of them won’t do any harm. Well, you are mistaken. Don’t be sucked in and assume that the diet tag is synonymous with weight loss. If you munch excessively, it will ultimately add up to the same damage if not more than if you gorged on the foods you are avoiding. The most sensible route is to bypass diet food and drinks completely. Do yourself a favor and sidestep chemicals and artificial sweeteners.

Dieting doesn’t mean starving yourself.

You’ll only end up messing up your metabolism and ultimately want to eat more. Depriving yourself of food is never recommended for continued weight loss.

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Always bear in mind that we are what we eat. And we definitely are the only ones responsible for our health.  Learn how to balance everything. Do not panic. Do not be in a hurry.

Time to Choose You!

All good results come from an organized and strategic eating plan you love and can stick to… So plan and plan well. And do it now. Procrastination is the thief of time…don’t let it steal your beach body too! Take action. Make a choice.

The truth is that whilst this advice is great… many people struggle to implement any form of change long term.  Sure we can do something different for 4 weeks, maybe even a few months.  We see results, but then life just creeps back in.  We revert to our old ways, and the weight comes back on.  We lose more motivation and self confidence.  The cycle/spiral continues.

It’s more than just making some quick changes. If it was that easy, obesity and it’s weight related issues would be a thing of the past.

Ask yourself:

Do you want to get your “beach body” back for good?
Do I want to ENJOY eating foods you love (without the guilt)?
Am I ready to make change for LIFE?
Am I ready to start NOW?

If you answered YES to all the questions above, then I have some great news for you.

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