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Become The Best New You, Without Feeling Deprived

New Year, New You: How you can become the best version of yourself without feeling deprived even if you have failed in the past

All any rational person can do about mistakes of any nature is:

  • Learn valuable lessons
  • Apply those teachings
  • Avoid repeating the same errors

There is something understandable but illogical about  January 1…best new you - new year, new you

This arbitrary day prompts most of us to talk unthinkingly but enthusiastically about New Year’s Resolutions. We are full of excitement which is, in almost all instances, displaced by a crushing disappointment usually around mid-January.

But don’t feel bad. This is typical. The problem is not you but a flawed system.

Annually, many of us make the same hopeful catch-all promise – to ourselves and loudly to others – that this year, definitely this year, we will spring into action.

We will make changes

  • We will go to the gym for two hours every single day
  • We will diet
  • We will lose weight and become our idealized selves

Notice the problem?

We attach an unreal significance to a single day of the calendar which anyway varies globally. Many countries follow lunar datebooks.

So why wait?

Additionally, we are employing the future tense. (In reality if not in technically correct grammar, it’s the conditional tense; it might happen but it probably won’t.)

The issue is that we are talking not doing

These promises, inarguably, are made with the very best of intentions. This does not, however, stop them from systematically failing to pay dividends.

Insanity is often (and accurately) defined as doing the same thing repeatedly – whatever that “thing” may be – yet inexplicably expecting different results.


By delaying things as if the first day of the new calendar has some mythical property enabling us to realize our dreams effortlessly, we are simply setting ourselves up to tumble.

Also, in many areas of life, sometimes the hardest thing to do is admit that we need help. This signifies strength and bravery not weakness.

Here at one of our central goals is to assist you.

This is the introduction to a planned series of articles aimed to encourage not pressure 

You are likely to succeed if you follow this advice. Period.

However, your chances of winning are dramatically boosted if you sign up for our program:

Like everything on this site, slow and steady carries as much weight – pun unintentional – as making choices. It is critical to approach things with adequate forethought but prompt action

  • Be realistic
  • Make sensible, informed decisions
  • Action them at your earliest opportunity
  • Maintain them

Best New You, needs supportThis is where we can help

 Feel free to contact us whenever you fancy. We are a lively, enthusiastic couple with a true commitment to what we do.

Anyone can perform due diligence and set up an authoritative, accurate website. The bonus comes when the owners relish writing about and talking about their niche. Our combined skill-sets and drive mean we can make you feel good about yourself.

Find a job you love and you never work a day in your life.

We will make you comfortable and confident that by doing less you can achieve more. In many areas of our constantly and hyper-rapidly evolving society, working smarter not harder has become much bandied about but with just cause. It’s not a hackneyed piece of corporate jargon like “blue sky thinking” or “think outside the box.” These are nothing but tedious explanations of old concepts: be creative when solving problems.

Working less but in a superior, less time-intensive form yields better results. By signing up you can learn these skills. You can also usBest New You - walking on watere what you learn in other facets of your life.
Good things in life really are free. All our fitness articles make it clear that being active requires no financial outlay if you lack the means.

Good services, on the other hand, are not free and nor are they even cheap. Cheap services of all natures exist but they rarely deliver.

Invest in yourself smarter and use what you learn from us as a catalyst to an enhanced and more enjoyable, heatlhier lifestyle.

Cultivating Herbal FriendshipsWhat are the obstacles if you choose to fly in the face of this advice, go it alone and decide that dieting the conventional way is going to work for you?

Failure is a unifying theme for people trying to lose weight.
(our articles on overcoming fear of food and overeating & revealing the lies of the mind explains some of the fears)
The leading reason is the very concept of dieting itself.
Dieting has a truly pathetic ROI.

A further article will outline fully the reasons for this. We are not offering merely opinion but also well-documented scientific research illustrating the reasons for “going on a diet” not delivering results.

The piece will also deal with the very real and grave health issues that can, seemingly counter-intuitively, go hand-in-glove with dieting.

If, after reading this convincing stance that dieting as we know it is an ineffective and potentially dangerous route to take, give us a call and have a chat.

Here at we will lead you to accomplish your weight loss goals with the following benefits:

  • Never miss out on the foods you adoreBest New You - great food
  • Eliminate any feeling of deprivation: look not at what you are giving up but rather at what you are gaining
  • Absolutely never feel hungry
  • Bid adieu to any guilt or disappointment at the almost inevitable lack of success when you have applied the received wisdom of the optimum method of losing weight
How would you like to feel this?
How would you like to say goodbye to diets? Permanently
How would you like to lose more weight in a healthy fashion and remain at a steady, healthy weight for your frame/height?
You CAN do something different in 2016 and claim your coveted beach body. Click To Tweet

And here’s the thing: you can retain this honed and toned figure not just for the summer but on an ongoing basis, season in and season out.

If you want to achieve this completely do-able plan then follow the upcoming set of pieces which will lay out clearly and concisely just how easy it is to pull this off.

Best New You - helpThe articles will be skeletons which, used in tandem with the passion and hunger of Mark and Margie to help you do this.

Forget any thoughts of feeling low or hungry. Dismiss the idea that you are losing out.

Make a choice

Live better. You owe it to yourself.

And it is a choice. Nobody is telling you, “Do this.” Quite the reverse.

The deficiencies and dangers of traditional and widely-applied procedures for weight-loss will be fully detailed when you make a consultation. The articles and your own research can give you an insight, a consultation will up the ante.

The enjoyable, rewarding transition to a clean, fit and enjoyable life will be presented in a user-friendly fashion. Mark and Margie will motivate you and keep you from hitting that slump.

You can immerse yourself in myriad links and videos alongside the bite-sized chunks of easily absorbable and simple to implement information in the forthcoming articles. This will give you a thorough overview pre-consultation. You would not attend a job interview unprepared and though we all need to meet living expenses, our bodies are more precious than any job.

We each have wildly differing needs but many commonalities. Not every article will be for every reader but we all take something away from each one we read.

Some specific subjects will be dealt with:

  • Combining an appropriate exercise regime with clean, healthy, filling – and delicious! – food. Not only will you eat better but you will save money at the same time. They say abs are made in the kitchen. This truism is true. Dedicated and targeted stomach routines are required to get ripped but if that is not your goal then judicious food intake will strip excess fat and reveal a flat stomach
  • The perils of yo-yo dieting
  • A glut of recipes to remove any excuses about not knowing what to eat, why and when to eat it
  • Slightly more vigorous methods of exercising without over-exerting yourself if you are perhaps just slightly overweight and your goal is a notch or two higher than someone wanting to simply shed some kilos

Best New You - supportThis final point – and the series of articles is liable to grow organically, especially with reader interaction – is deliberately emboldened and capitalized.

It encapsulates in a single, concise phrase the very essence and raison d’être of

We are not here to bully anyone into doing anything with which they feel uncomfortable.

The reverse is the case.

We are here to help make things easier for you. Do less with better, tangible results far quicker than you might expect.

Avail yourself of our advice. Absorb our deep knowledge of and passion for enjoying a life well-lived.

Healthy choices cost you nothing while generating a shower of benefits across the board. Click To Tweet

These articles will offer something for everyone and will be posted weekly.

If you want any further advice regarding losing weight without attempting a conventional diet then call Margie or Mark today and book up an easily available slot for consultation



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