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Why You Don’t Have To Be Alcohol Free on Paleo Forever, But Stop Drinking Now!

“Shaken not stirred.”

James Bond’s lifestyle choices were only truthfully reflected in the books, come on, a puffed up, overweight Bond makes for a different type of movie!

So what is your movie? How do you represent publicly the alcohol you imbibe on the Paleo diet?


Everyone has a vice, and there is good intention in restricting yourself to a single glass of alcohol on Paleo, but when does good intention become an exception or worse a habit?

alcohol on paleo


You’ve accepted that when you are ready to make a breakthrough you will enforce at first radical, then progressive changes. This starts with a spring clean of your food cupboard, a new diet app, bookmarking of fitness websites, even a tentative trip to locate a gym so you can use your wearable tech to monitor your heart rate – of course keep the liquor though as drinking alcohol on Paleo is totally cool!!


You have lift off, everything is in place, check, tick and cross off the ‘to-do’ list.


In the beginning all the efforts pay off; then the dreaded plateau arrives…the dramatic and financially expensive changes we made in the beginning are not delivering the results of the first few weeks…I must work harder. Thankfully there is alcohol in the cupboard!


First check all electronic equipment and applications have the correct settings, possibly even upgrade to the pro version (!) Be rough on yourself by watching motivation videos on Youtube (I like the Rocky Balboa training videos!)


alcohol on paleo downloading success


You analyse everything but still you do not lose weight.

If you see diets as black and white you can miss signals from the body.


Most toxins in the body are stored in fat, so as you lose body fat you create a toxic liver system, and you will have sensitivity to things that did not appear on the surface before. Enter our advice to people who have made a breakthrough: eliminate alcohol on Paleo.


Do you follow this method of alcohol self-flagellation on Paleo?

After checking all apps and tech is correct, reduce calories further, no scrub that it’s time to starve, reduce sleep and increase training. After two brutal training sessions and sixth day working a stressful job you relax with friends and a drink, or drinks.




If asked about the  affects of alcohol on Paleo , you respond with a comprehensive list of daily torture and starvation that fully justifies an alcoholic drink. Now your friend wants to have a good time so I doubt they would force you to re-evaluate that choice of drink, or tell you straight it is the reason you cannot fit into those skinny jeans yet.


Some people are so resistant to eliminating alcohol on Paleo that they will persist with a daily torture that is flummoxed by the very thing they need in order to keep up the daily torture! Your friend at the party probably does not want to speak out as they know you and how determined you are to enjoy a glass of wine or beer at the end of tough week.


The same questions and answers appear when talking with people on our breakthrough calls, webinars, or live courses: generally they are rhetorical and want answer that justifies the daily torture: “workout harder, faster, heavier, longer and more often, stop eating all carbs, in fact reduce your calories…NO, NO, NO!


alcohol on paleoThe questions asked are not hypothetical they are what people are doing and people want someone to say “yes you are working hard, so you will be rewarded.” I mean look at Rocky he trains to exhaustion; but did you ever see Rocky drink a beer when he was training?

It’s funny how that question is often greeted with a smile. It’s funnier how the average person will accept starvation, pain, fatigue, discomfort and mood swings, but the suggestion of removing alcohol is received in the same way a Bond audience would shudder if he only ordered a club soda.

Why do people except without question that they will cease eating cakes, pizza, burgers, ice cream and sodas, but alcohol…no chance, no!


Alcohol elimination receives the highest rate of opposition when we talk with people. There is the nod and smile reply, or the distracted person, or the “Frankly my dear I don’t give a dam” person who is going to have cold one when the football game is on. It’s time to stop believing the lies of the mind and crack on with reaching your weight goals.


Even when not misused alcohol use on Paleo is obvious, I know you’re drinking. Just because I was not there at the party to slam that last Tequila, there are clues everywhere, and you try to explain them away as something else.


  • Signs You Cannot Hide:
  • Gynecomastia (man boobs!)
  • Growing midsection / inability to lose midsection
  • Muscle fatigue and injury during workouts
  • Painful periods
  • Inability to recover from common illness


And if you’re doing everything else EXCEPT eliminating alcohol, it’s pretty obvious what’s holding you back.  If you don’t believe me then please continue binging on the weekends and monitoring the size of your gynecomastia!


Why is every lifestyle change approached with an attitude that alcohol is the EXCEPTION?


Can some people drink now and then? Yes, in some cases they can and it won’t cause a back-slide. Does that mean you can? No you cannot, that is it. The End.


Here are some possible reasons why:


  • You have a toxic liver
  • You take medications for a medical illness
  • You have hormonal imbalances
  • You have a metabolic syndrome (overweight, insulin resistant)
  • You have candida/yeast overgrowth
  • You suffer gas, bloating, and indigestion…


In nearly all conversations we have, everyone who says yes to one or more of the above need to eliminate alcohol completely from their diets. That means you do not consume any alcohol: that means zero, not one, zero. Just to confirm that does not mean cutting back either, it means none, zilch, nada.


When can I drink alcohol on Paleo?


The James Bond franchise is fantasy, and part of that fantasy is Bond’s consumption of rich foods and strong alcohol. The reality of having an alcoholic drink and not slipping back is allowing your body the time it needs to heal first.


You want a tasty cocktail and you can have one, but why have it now when your body is healing? If you had a physical injury you would not train that part of your body until it was healed. If you have been a drinker for many years than you have done many years of damage and that will not be fixed inside two weeks before the next wedding, birthday party or holiday. Just accept that.


Whether your body needs to detoxify its system from chemical poisoning, medications, yeast overgrowth, or it needs ample nutritional sources to heal metabolic derangements, hormone imbalances, gastrointestinal disease or infection, toxic organs, parasites/fungus, inflammatory diseases or symptoms (cysts, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disease, eczema, etc.) or if you are recovering from a common illness, just because you have written alcohol off as an expense your body has not. Make this detox drink now if you need a boost.


You do know you are still physically paying for it right?


Drinking alcohol on Paleo is like electronic credit; you get the rewards but never physically see any cash leave your bank so it does not count! Pretend it did not happen.


A lot of people drink alcohol on Paleo occasionally without repercussion. This is likely because they’ve healed their body, can tolerate it, process it and safely eliminate it, because their bodies are not trying to fix a thousand other problems at the same time.


Remember alcohol is poison to your system, even in moderation. If you are insulin resistant, it’s probably the worst thing to consume because alcohol converts to sugar faster than actual sugar!


alcohol on paleo Imagine what is happening to your blood sugar then, and why you are hungry for a greasy food after a few drinks!



This is how your body processes alcohol:


CUTTING THE LINE:  Alcohol is absorbed quickly, it does not require digestion, the higher the alcohol content the faster it is metabolised – A couple beers to feel a buzz, or a 1/2 oz of tequila entering the blood stream and reaching the brain within 1 minute.


METABOLISM:  Because it doesn’t require digestion, and metabolises quickly, the body has to work harder to keep up.  This means that digestion of other nutrients, fats and proteins gets put to the side while the liver and stomach work to process the alcohol.

alcohol on paleo

So if you eat a large meal or binge whilst you are drinking then there is a 100% chance that all you eat will be stored as fat!

This will cause a striking incidence of blood sugar crashes leaving you going after more food, but the same thing will happen, causing a vicious cycle… and if you’re trying to lose weight, detox, or balance your hormones- be aware that just one drink will do the opposite of all that until you have addressed your issues and allowed your body to make a full recovery and heal.


That may be a couple months for some people, and others it may take up to two years, it will definitely be at the time of the next wedding, birthday party or holiday. Just accept that.



LIVER:  The liver can handle ½ ounce of alcohol each hour, which amounts to about one drink.

If more alcohol arrives than the liver can handle, the excess alcohol is sent out to other parts of your body, and just circulates until the liver is able to process it.

If your liver has been (or is being) highly taxed trying to defend your body and it needs to be detoxed and healed before you add beer pong back onto your weekend shenanigans.

Hormones: Consider the effect alcohol has on neurotransmitters, the pathways in which your brain receives information. Alcohol tends to elevate GABA and dopamine levels (that is what gives you the buzz). If you have imbalanced hormones and you drink regularly (say two to four drinks once a week) then you are taking a massive chance with your internal chemistry.

So you are carrying the extra mid-section weight, have a thyroid disease and/or difficultly losing weight, but still treating yourself to a quick drink…Then STOP! The booze will eventually slow down or stop the routine of neurotransmitters, which means your glands do not receive the message to produce the hormones your body so badly needs!


SLEEP The arguments that booze helps people sleep better are, well endless. The truth is alcohol suppresses muscle ‘alertness’ in the upper airways which causes night time breathing issues to worsen (snoring!)


A lot of people snore for the first time after alcohol consumption. Click To Tweet


The second trick alcohol pulls is reducing the amount of time it takes you to fall asleep (scrambled neurotransmitters) and it sends you into a longer deeper sleep during the first half of the sleep cycle, the Slow Wave Sleep. The wrong sleep at the wrong time! Then when we enter Rapid Eye Movement sleep which seems to be effected the most by alcohol.  So because we fall deeper into the SWS stages of sleep where our bodies physically repair and recoup, we think we’ve had an amazing night of sleep.


alcohol on Paleo

What we are unaware of is that the shortened REM sleep is damaging, because REM sleep is responsible for brain repair! If you consistently shorten your REM sleep, you are limiting your mental repair. This lack of repair during sleep leads to a deterioration of concentration, memory or at times loss of basic motor functions. Let’s not forget the short temper, stress and lack of tolerance for minimal issues. You sleep on booze, but your body is denied the energy that alcohol free sleep brings.


Eliminating alcohol is one of many factors in your body’s recovery. If you are not prepared to let go then you will never know the answer to that nagging question in your head, “could eliminating alcohol really be as good as they say?”


Your will succeed at your personal goals when you accept hard and universal truths. At times you need a stranger in an article to tell you, as their words can resonate deeper than a family member that we are used to shrugging off, or a friend who won’t speak up when you are relaxing together.


“If you are struggling with some goals such as weight loss, energy, vitality, and fertility, hormonal or whatever, then you need to put the bottle down.”

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    **What are you long term goals?   **Can you let go of some of stupid stuff in the short term to make those goals happen?    Talk to us for an hour, it might be all you need, that final push from a stranger that allows you to dump the daft stuff, get off the bottle and back on track to make your breakthrough. – Hurry though as there are a limited number of people we can speak with each week, so grab a slot whilst they last, but please whatever you do next, stay dry, stay fit and remember you are not alone and if you want to easily fit into those skinny jeans you have to stop drinking alcohol for now, however hard you perceive that task to be.

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