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a little history…

All Just Choice® started as a culmination of our life experiences. Early on in our relationship, we recognized our backgrounds and experience were complementary.  This synergy enabled us to evolve our methods and philosophies to health, finances and parenting, transforming our own lives.  We are passionate about being able to help and support others to join in this experience.

Thank your for allowing us the opportunity to share this journey with you.

More about us

  • Margie Burton
    Margie BurtonOwner

    My journey is not much different than most women.  Weight gain, muscle aches, belly fat, abdominal stress, exhaustion…..”It must be old age sinking in. What I feel is normal”.  I tried all sorts of crazy diets to address the weight gain. I always lost weight, but it always came back. I tried exercise and while I did see positive changes, it didn’t help the aches, exhaustion or abdominal stress. As a result, I was never consistent with an exercise program. Years earlier, I had been diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Sjogrens, a condition for which there is no cure. It’s difficult to diagnose and not well known by the medical community. My doctors didn’t pay much attention to the diagnosis, other than chronic dry eye, so I basically ignored it.

    It was only when my daughter was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, I started to look more deeply at the impacts of food to support her. Yes, we tend to focus more on our family then ourselves. Through a nutritional assessment we discovered dairy was her trigger for the depression.  While researching alternatives for her, I discovered the connection between my own symptoms and the food I was eating. What I was feeling wasn’t normal! I don’t have to feel this way. Once I opened this whole new door to what eating healthy could do for me, I began to look more closely at how/where I could help myself with my own condition and also enhance the life of my family.

    I trained to become a Nutritional Therapist to learn about the effects food has on the body.  I have used this knowledge, along with the support and experiences from my husband, as we implemented lifestyle changes which enabled sustainable weight loss and enhanced our overall health.  I am very happy to have been able to share my experiences with others to enhance their own lives and look forward to sharing them with you.

  • Mark Burton
    Mark BurtonOwner

    I have always had an interest in the natural healing. Growing up in England, my Mother was a natural therapist, an experience which left me with an open mind to a more spiritual path and many forms of natural therapies.    I have had the privilege of working with some amazing therapists over the last 20 years, each has helped me to change and shape my health and life to where I am today.

    Whilst working through many physical and personal issues, I realized that one of the biggest stresses I faced, and that faced my family as a whole was actually financial.    Having worked in a global banking/financial institution for close to 20 years, you would think the financial health of myself and my family would be ingrained, however nobody ever teaches you how to budget for your household.  Investing and savings seems simple, but how can you change your thought process to enable you to actually put your money where its needed.

    With the help of my guide, I worked on changing that, embedding it in not only my life, but the lives of my spouse and children.  This involved a change in not only my approach to money and what to do with it, but also to parenting teenage children.  An approach which would have a profound affect on my family life.

Margie’s Weight Loss Journey

margie before and after

There is nothing worse then looking at the scale and seeing your pregnancy weight! Like many people, I used to convince myself, regardless of the method, if I could just lose the weight I felt I needed to… I would keep it off.    It couldn’t be that hard!  When I worked it out, I’d tried 8 diets over the previous 20 years.  I even resorted to Velashape & cold sculpting med-spa treatments various exercises and hired a personal trainer.  Every time they worked, every time I regained the weight. Worst of all, I didn’t really “feel” any better. The truth was, unless I understood the mind-body connection of why I put the weight back on and learned to recognize how my body reacted to various types of foods, I was never going to get my weight or my life under control.  I spent several years, researching and experimenting with various techniques, methodologies and principles which has led to an approach which not only help me lose weight, but has kept the weight off, and I feel amazing in the process.

Mark’s Weight Loss Journey


I’ve not always had a handle on my health and weight. Back in 2001, at a high of 270 lbs, and standing at only 5’7″, it was time for change. I was starting to worry about my health, what I was doing to my body, and not wanting to head down the same path as my parents. I lost both of them before I hit 20, from different forms or heart and blood pressure issues, I was understandably scared that I was going the same way.
Over the next 10 years, I tried 5 different diets, all with some short term success… infact I lost 100lbs, but then repeatedly put on between 30 and 50lbs, all resulting in me going “back” on another diet.
Finally, working with Margie, we pooled our experiences and discovered an approach which has let me finally maintain my weight with minimal effort.