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Why You Need To Avoid These 8 Foods Causing Cancer!

With in excess of 1.5 million people being newly diagnosed with cancer last year alone, any chance of minimizing your risk of this lethal disease is well worth pursuing.  Foods causing cancer is still generally low on our radar!

When asked about cancer, most of us do not immediately consider diet to be a provoking factor.

It is.

The foods you eat affect your body in numerous ways and there are many to give a very wide berth as they do contain lethal carcinogens. Click To Tweet

Hydrogenated oils

Foods Causing Cancer - Vegetable Oils
Vegetable Oil

More commonly known as vegetable oils, these are unnatural products.

It is necessary to remove the oils from their source by chemical methods. Salting the wound, it is common that this regularly-used cooking oil is also deodorized and has flavor added.

Also thrown into the mix are Omega-6 fatty acids.

With so many far tastier and healthier options available – coconut oil being the prime example – do yourself and your body a favor. Steer well clear of vegetable oils. Make a choice.

Processed meats

Foods Causing Cancer - Processed Meats
Processed Meats – Sausages

Do you enjoy the occasional hot dog or bacon sandwich? Sausages? If so, make sure it’s a rare treat and not a core component of your diet.

One of the issues with processed meats is that, while unhealthy, for many of us they are also tasty. The chemical preservatives employed mean that they look colorful and last well but are not good for us.

Excessive salts and chemicals in these processed meats are bad for the body. The worst offender by far, though, is the presence of carcinogenic sodium nitrates. Smoked meats are especially bad.

Some research has indicated that regular processed meat eaters boost their chance of early death by 43%, a genuinely shocking statistic.

White Flours

Foods Causing Cancer - White Flour
White Flour

Initially, the extensive refining process strips white flours of almost all meaningful nutrients.

They are highly glycemic thus bad for your blood sugar.

After being refined, chlorine gas, a bleaching chemical, is added. As well as being hazardous and irritating, the EPA assigns danger, even lethal danger, to chlorine gas.


Alongside piling on the pounds, using highly processed white flours can be a contributory cause of cancer. Click To Tweet


Foods Causing Cancer - GMO

It should go unsaid that all foods under the Genetically Modified Foods umbrella occupy no place at all in a cancer-free diet. It could be further argued that they have no place in any healthy diet but we are focusing on cancer-related foods here.

Sadly, they are tough to sidestep completely because most food derivatives including canola, soybean and even conventional corn have been genetically tampered with.

Science has now shown the GMOs, together with the chemicals used to grow them, can cause rapid growth of tumors.


  • If you cannot avoid GMOs completely, what can you do to minimize your exposure?

One choice is to stick rigidly to food certified as organic and GMO-free. This, however, is not practical for everyone’s budget.

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A cheaper and potentially even healthier option is to target local markets and suppliers who eschew nanotechnology and grow crops in the way nature intended.

As always, it is up to you to make a choice.

Farmed salmon

Foods Causing Cancer - Farmed Salmon
Farmed Salmon

Sounds healthy, right? Think again.

Director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the University of Albany, David Carpenter, assessed this issue.

His study showed that farmed salmon lacks vitamin D while at the same time is contaminated with carcinogenic chemicals, PCBs, antibiotics, flame-retardants and pesticides.

If you read that horror list on the ingredients label, would you still eat farmed salmon?

Microwave Popcorn

Foods Causing Cancer - PopCorn

From time to time we all need a convenient snack. What could be simpler and quicker than throwing a bag of popcorn in the microwave?

Sadly, while undeniably a shotgun option, do not allow this food to be a metaphorical shotgun propelling you towards cancer.

Popcorn is literally laced with chemicals pointing towards pancreatic, liver and testicular cancer. Popcorn can also be held accountable for fertility issues.

A number of independent studies have stated that even the linings of the bags can contribute towards your likelihood of contracting cancer.

This study also points out the diacetyl chemical present can lead to cancer as well as lung damage.

Why not compromise?

Stick to buckets of popcorn occasionally when at the movies!

Diet food and beverages

Foods Causing Cancer - Diet Soda
Diet Soda

It’s amazing what a lure the word “diet” can have on you.

Being seduced by that potent four-letter word makes you feel that you are making the sensible choice.

You are not.

Today, we all have a vast range of “diet” or “low fat” products forcefully pushed our way.

One of the most commonly used artificial sweeteners is aspartame. The European Food Safety Authority has demonstrated that this has the potential to lead to an array of toxic effects. Sucralose and saccharin are also dangerous.

Cancer is one of them but birth defects are also not ruled out as a result of consuming too much aspartame.

With pre-packaged foods, it is not as much the food itself that’s harmful but the myriad additions which ensure freshness and longevity.

Think carefully before assuming that “diet” foods and drink are the wise option. Both can have cancerous effects.

Red Meat

Foods Causing Cancer - Red Meat
Red Meats

To conclude this list, let’s consider the role of red meat…

Most of us would assume that all meat is beneficial and would in no way associate it as being linked to cancer.

Don’t panic: like with most things in life, eating red meat in moderation will not cause you problems. It’s excessive consumption that leads to a possible flashpoint…

(Also, if you opt for the grass-fed choice then you will be far better off.)

For those of you who eat large amounts of red meats each and every day, it is worth taking into account the fact that doing so aids the growth of cancer cells within your body.

Colorectal cancer is the main enemy if you choose to overindulge and routinely wolf down a steak.

To reiterate, eating red meat in measured quantities is not problematic or any cause for a red flag. Be sensible and moderate.

Also, look to fish and chicken to supply your needs.


If you were presented with a list of the above foods without explanation, in almost every case you would imagine them to be healthy, sensible dietary components.

Forewarned is forearmed so take the above pointers and advice into account and avoid foods which are likely to contribute towards cancer.

Make a choice. A healthy choice to minimize grave health risks and avoid the above foods causing cancer.

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