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Conventional Diets Fail;
7 Reasons it’s not your fault

Conventional Diets Fail? Really?  Yes 80-95% of us that start a conventional diet… will fail.  We’re going to build on our previous article “10 simple reasons why conventional dieting does not work” and show you… Why its’ not your fault! So hang on, we’re going a little deeper than before.

We all know, if we want to lose weight, we go on a diet. Right?


Conventional Diets Fail - Big BusinessThe weight loss industry is a monster. Like with any other business, repeat custom is key to maximizing profits.

So, consider this and ask yourself if those involved in the diet trade want you to succeed… or fail. Then come back for more… And more.

This cyclical/yo-yo nature of most diets is frustrating for those who genuinely follow the procedure meticulously yet find themselves, after the diet ends, the same weight as before (if not heavier).

Conventional Diets Fail? Really? Yes 80-95% of us that start a diet... will fail. Click To Tweet

1) Regular diets are not designed deliver a sustainable lifestyle.

This simple statement is critical. For any of you who have attempted a diet, you’ll find it tough to disagree.

Very few people indeed fruitfully complete a diet and achieve long-lasting goals of sustainable weight loss.

successful people do not diet. They make sensible choices about their lifestyle in general. They make changes, often radical changes, which help them to eat better, live better and lose weight into the bargain.

And… The weight stays off.

This should not be surprising. If you eliminate x for four weeks then start eating it again in week five, why should you be surprised when it starts to cause weight gain? Again!

For may of the other reasons below, it’s the very way conventional diet programs are set up that leads directly to our downfall.

Free yourself from the trap of yo-yo dieting and take measures to transform the way you eat for good.
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2) Often the amount and types of food we are guided to eat, leaves us hungry

When we think of dieting, we think of eating less. We do eat less.

The flipside of this could be another reason you diet and do not enjoy lasting effects…

plate-403597_640Are you eating enough?

Failing to consume enough calories has a sting in the tail. A wide range of negative feedback wreaks havoc on the body. Your mood can fluctuate and hormonal change can take place.

Make no mistake, not eating enough for prolonged periods can be as damaging as eating too much. Intermittent fasting is beneficial but ongoing deprivation is the very opposite.

You need to realize that each of us has different metabolisms and needs. Study carefully how many calories you need to consume each day in order to achieve your goals. Stick to this plan. Watch the weight come off and stay off.

The added benefit of eating an adequate amount of food for your needs is fat loss rather than simply weight loss. Click To Tweet

3) You’ll do ANYTHING for more!

One of the things which interlocks with not eating enough food is the likelihood you will succumb to an attack of binge eating.

Conventional Diets Fail - lies of the mindAdd into the equation the fact that most of us binge on processed foods and we have a recipe for failure on our hands. Processed foods are addictive and lead us to crave more.

Grab some pizza and ice cream then head off for a few beers… There go 3000 calories! Watch all your hard work undone.

If you binge eat then you will experience the pleasure of indulging followed by the negative emotion of guilt when the reality of spoiling a week’s effort sets in.

Make a choice…Settle instead for a temporary pang as you eat a healthy snack instead then experience the joy for resisting the temptation to binge eat.

Both ways lead to happy and sad feelings so make your choice a wise one.

“When we feel restricted… we WILL rebel!”

The nature of many diets is tedious… The same foods often, day in, day out. Food which can be bland, almost completely tasteless.

Conventional Diets Fail - binge eatingLook at the dictionary definition of the verb “to diet” and you will see “restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight.”

Any time that we feel hemmed in we are likely to rebel. This happens in all areas of our lives.


Make a choice. Throw off the shackles. Embrace a sensible, healthy and ongoing way of eating and see far more positive effects with no excuse for boredom or unappetizing foods.

4) Feeling Tired?

Conventional Diets Fail - just so tiredOne of the most chronic and inbuilt flaws of diets, mentioned above, is that they deliver too few calories. This means that dieting is a short-term fix at very best.

Without the energy to accomplish all that you need to in a day, you’ll end up tired.

Most diets also incorporate exercise and, without adequate fuel, this will understandably lead to further tiredness.  Being asked to consume sparingly then exercise hard is not the key to a healthy lifestyle.

Tiredness will lead emotional triggers to help us fight against the reason for the lack of energy…

Spare yourself and your body this deprivation. Make changes built to energize you, not to wear you down.

5) Lack of a complementary, realistic exercise plan

Taking the above into account, it’s perhaps simple to see why many people on a diet perform insufficient exercise.

What you eat is crucial and plays an obvious, vital role in weight loss.

If, though, you are looking for weight loss that lasts, bear in mind closely the synergy obtained from a combination of diet, exercise and recovery.

Exercise provides the perfect hormonal backdrop for weight loss. You will build small amounts of muscle – we are not talking about bodybuilding here – while also optimizing fat loss hormones.

Eat well in tandem with a well-crafted, suitable exercise regime and watch weight loss move forwards not plateau then trough.

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 6) Peer pressure

When we diet, everyone around us wants us to succeed, right?


Conventional Diets Fail - cheers to friends?Often, we surround ourselves with similar people. If you are mixing with people who eat too much, perhaps they do not want to witness a slimline you. It might force them to examine themselves rather than have their unhealthy lifestyle validated by proxy.

The answer is simple: if you want to be fit and healthy then spend time with friends who have similar targets in life.

The people you are around can either support you or tear you down. Do not allow the negativity of others to become an obstacle. Make sure that the people closest to you are a source of inspiration, that they motivate you and do not make you feel unusual for wanting to be the best that you can be.

7) Where’s the support?

With all things, understanding and support are required to really get to grips with any new idea, way of thinking or lifestyle.
Following any plan where you are detached from the founders/creators, leaves you vulnerable to mis-interpretation.  How do we know we have it right? How do we know what we should be experiencing?

Where’s the support when you are ready to throw in the towel? Who do you reach out to when you really can’t understand why it seems so hard for you, but effortless for those poster models?

Conventional Diets Fail - a little supportOne of the key elements missing from the majority of conventional diets is the personal touch. We all need a helping hand at the right time.  Not to mention a strong mentor to guide you through your own maze of barriers.

Think back… did you learn to drive without someone being with you to help and guide you? Even further back, who was with your when you learned to ride a bike?  It’s always someone who knows how to do it!  Someone who is looking out for you. Someone that has your back… even if that means telling you some hard truths when you need it.


Without a doubt, conventional diets fail.

When we look carefully at these 7 reasons, it’s clear the deck is stacked against us.  It becomes clear why so many people try the same approach over and over without achieving their goals.

The answer, however, is within your power: You owe it to yourself to find the way that will work for you… ONCE AND FOR ALL!

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