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10 simple reasons why conventional dieting does not work

 Today we will look at 10 reasons demonstrating why you should shelve any thoughts of a conventional diet.

10 reasons which will outline clearly why the conventional method of dieting does not work and why Click To Tweet

Make a choice.

Turn your back on the traditional diets and live right. Live well. Embrace life of your own terms.

In the coming weeks we will look at the health risks in detail as well as the financial savings you can make.

From there we will move on to how you can lose weight in the correct manner, attain and maintain your ideal body shape while living better, more healthily and without endangering your body.


Here are 10 valid reasons to reassure you, motivate you and encourage you to take positive and guaranteed steps to achieving your goal.

Dieting will not make you happy

 Disregard adverts and media bombarding you with idealized (and often unreal) bodies and ask yourself a very simple question:

When has calorie counting and deprivation ever led to fun? Click To Tweet

The answer is never. It makes you feel restricted and as if you are making an unwanted sacrifice. And it is unwanted. Who wants to be deprived of the things they enjoy with meal times a chore not a pleasure?

This is not the key to success.

Dieting will not lead to a boost in self-confidence or self-esteem.

 This idea begins with the flawed assumption that we are not good enough as we are, that we are inadequate when measured against the above benchmarks promulgated by the diet and fashion industries.

It is as if we are atoning for imagined sins. Harsh internal self-judgment does not inspire. It holds us back.

Dieting will not make you healthy

 Enjoying delicious foods naturally is the cornerstone of long-term health.

Dieting makes us deviate from our body’s intelligent and natural compass. When we mess around with the needs and rhythms of the body we are courting disaster.

Dieting will not lead to weight loss

 In the short-term it is almost certain that you will shed a few pounds.

Perhaps you will keep up the diet and gleefully watch the scales indicate what you want to see…

Dieting, though, will absolutely not lead to long-term and sustainable weight loss.

This does not mean you are not following the diet correctly or doing anything wrong. What it does mean is that dieting DOES NOT WORK.

The weight loss industry is worth a staggering $60 billion  and preys on the low self-worth of people who need encouragement and guidance.

The vested interest of this industry in your failure is astute business practice… Failure = repeat business.

Think of it this way… would you buy a vacuum cleaner that failed to clean properly but think it was your fault and buy another? Would you buy a car that constantly let you down then purchase a replacement of the exact same model?

Why think of dieting any differently. You have been let down. Vote with your feet. Seek an alternative and think differently.

There are some outcomes of dieting as predictable as losing weight and putting it back on (often with interest): disordered eating, emotional distress, feelings of failure…

Dieting preoccupies you with food as a negative rather than focusing on the many positive and healthy sustainable changes

 Take charge.

Become informed.

Learn about nutrients and healthy eating. Seek guidance when necessary – do not be afraid to ask for help. We can help you.

Calorie restriction can lead to an absence of the correct balance of nutrients…

This is the very opposite of what we are trying to gain by living well and eating well.

Dieting teaches your brain to ignore your body

 The very definition of diet is restricted eating.

This means ignoring feelings of both hunger and desire, key indicators that our body is crying out for something.

The (actually dangerous) flip side is that this very conditioning leads us to also ignore feelings of being full. The tendency then is to massively overeat as compensation.

This, again, is antithetical to our goals.

Dieting affects your health

 You will be tired and lethargic unless your body is adequately fuelled.

Elimination of all fats is a disaster for the body. You need the right fats in the correct doses for many reasons.

Dieting saps your willpower

 A cycle of trying and failing leads to an understandable dip in willpower, a conviction that you simply cannot achieve your goals.

Reliance on external not internal cues is responsible for this boom-and-bust cycle.

Willpower does not switch on and off. It is like a muscle so do not overwork it. It is as counterproductive as overworking and damaging your body with excessive exercise.

Dieting leads to a “Damn it, I’ll go crazy today” effect

 Tied in firmly to this issue of willpower is the simple fact that, once that willpower cracks, the tendency is to lose all sight of your goals and go mad binging on absolute junk.

This, again, runs totally counter to the idea of healthy, long-term weight loss.

Dieting slows the metabolism

 Rapid weight loss causes this. We can only really lose large amounts of fat quickly by losing into the bargain swathes of muscle too.

The bounce-back of subsequent overindulgence and overeating then means more fat than muscle is added.

Dieting distracts you from what really works Click To Tweet
  • Fact: long-term dieting does not lead to long-term weight loss
  • Fact: a healthy lifestyle with enjoyable goals does work

Start small. Begin with two or three small and enjoyable habits then build upon them. Slow and steady wins every time.


If you want any further advice regarding this approach to healthy weight loss then call Margie or Mark today and book up an easily available slot for consultation.

We made some time available over the next few days to talk to people just like you, that are fed up with conventional short term diets… With our help, YOU can create an eating plan you LOVE, that you WILL STICK TO, and finally say goodbye to your weight issues… FOR GOOD!

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