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The 10 Best Fruits & Vegetables with the Highest Antioxidant Power

There is a way to rate / score foods  antioxidant power.  The “ORAC” score (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) ranks the ability of antioxidant food compounds to “absorb” free radicals. Foods that score high in these units are especially helpful in countering oxidant, or free –radical, damage in your body.

 Antioxidants can also help boost your immune system and increase resistance to infection.strawberry-837335_1920

 Antioxidants have been shown to increase fertility, reduce inflammation in arthritis, and have key roles to play in many conditions, including colds and chronic fatigue syndrome. 

 In Children, regular supplementation of Vitamin A significantly reduces respiratory tract infections.

The main essential antioxidant vitamins are A, C and E and the precursor of vitamin A, beta-carotene Click To Tweet

 The best all-round antioxidant foods are shown below.

 These and other fresh fruits and vegetables  are the kinds of foods you need to eat every day to keep young and energetic

  1. Prunesdried-88349_1920

  2. Raisins

  3. Blueberries

  4. Blackberries

  5. Kale

  6. Strawberriesreal-spinach-73911_1920

  7. Spinach, raw 

  8. Raspberries

  9. Tenderstem

  10. Plums


Source: Health Sciences Academy

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