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Tired… Sluggish… Bloated?

Reset your body, Feel Recharged and Revitalized in just 10 Days

This program utilizes a very simple 3 step approach, designed to give the body, and specifically the liver, a bit of a break from its everyday grind.  Helping to reboot and balance hormones, putting your metabolism and digestive system back into peak condition, even during stressful times, after over indulgences or when you hit plateaus

Effortless Weight Loss?5:2 Intermittent Fasting

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Primal EatingHealthy AND Great For Weight Loss

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What some of our clients are saying…

After 3 weeks, I am happy to say I was able to get into a pair of pants I haven’t been able to wear for a year.Michelle S
Michelle SFlorida, USA
without a doubt one of the easiest transitions into a new lifestyle that I have ever undergoneMike D
Mike DMaryland, USA
Wanted to say a big thank you Margie Burton and Mark Burton. Your support is amazing and in just two weeks my mindset is really going the right way. This program is life changing ?Anita B
Anita BCalifornia, USA
This time it does feel different, it not just any diet, this is not a diet! It is a lifestyle change. Diane M
Diane MAlberta, Canada
I'm losing weight. Consistently. After 5 years in the doldrums. Just saying ☺️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Louise F
Louise FWarwickshire, UK
I feel almost foolish that I never made time to do this before.Ian H
Ian HLaos
Simple changes had surprising impacts, which led me to lose 5lbs in the 1st weekKim L
Kim LFlorida, USA
I can honestly say within a couple of weeks [on the program], I started to feel better Michelle S
Michelle SFlorida, USA
I am very proud of losing more than 40lbs in 12 weeks and feeling more energetic than ever!Mike D
Mike DMaryland, USA
I've made some fundamental changes and benefitted from the support Mark and Margie have given me each week. Margie's recipes are superb. Today I am wearing the jeans I put away 2 years ago! Louise F
Louise FWarwickshire, UK
Mark and Margie helped me help myself. The garbage I used to eat I simply do not want now.Ian H
Ian HLaos
That is where the words and effort hit the pavement and become the change that will be permanent. Diane M
Diane MAlberta, Canada
You really, really care and have an enormous passion for this wonderful lifestyle that we all should have.Kim L
Kim LFlorida, USA
Margie's frequent check ins with me helped me stay the courseMichelle S
Michelle SFlorida, USA
Learning how to exercise for only three minutes a day and stay fit was worth the payment alone!Ian H
Ian HLaos